Why Was I Charged

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Seeing a credit card charge you don’t recognize?

What is FamilyProtectionAssociation.com?

FamilyProtectionAssociation.com is a survival association that offers free survival and protection information with optional elite upgrades. You may have seen our partner site survivallife.com when you were first introduced to FamilyProtectionAssociation.com


So, why was I charged?
Chances are you or one of your co-workers signed up of one of our elite upgrades. Recurring upgrades such as our Elite Membership are billed monthly.


Doesn’t sound familiar?
If a quick peek at FamilyProtectionAssociation.com doesn’t clear things up, you may want to ask around your house. Oftentimes someone else has purchased an upgrade.


I want a refund
We want you to love everything you do at FamilyProtectionAssociation.com, so we provide a 30-day refund on all upgrades and product purchases. You can request a refund via Clickbank or by contacting customer service at 512-900-3151 or [email protected]


I want to cancel
You can cancel anytime by via Clickbank or by contact customer service at 512-900-3151 or [email protected]

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