Turkey Is On Lock Down: Martial Law In Effect

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Turkey Is On Lock Down: Martial Law In Effect (Image: MGN)

  • Turkey is getting ready for a three-month period of martial law after the failed military coup.
  • The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, declared the martial law yesterday.
  • Turkey was once before in a martial law state that lasted fifteen years from 1987 to 2002. 
  • Erdogan said that he doesn’t believe the fighting is over and is preparing Turkey for the worst possible outcome.

As of yesterday, Turkey is in an official martial law period of three months. The Turkish President made the announcement following the failed military coup.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the martial law is in no way intended to curb the freedoms of the Turkish people. These measures are being put in place to ensure the security of Turkish democracy. “The aim is to rapidly and effectively take all steps needed to eliminate the threat against democracy, the rule of law and the people’s rights and freedoms. This measure is in no way against democracy, the law, and freedoms. On the contrary, it aims to protect and strengthen them,” Erdogan said.

Erdogan, the President, has claimed that he narrowly escaped being kidnapped, or worse, by rogue military officials who staged the coup. His response? Vast purging within the military. He said, “As the commander in chief, I will also attend to it so that all the viruses within the armed forces will be cleansed.”

Turkey has before experienced martial law within the country. In 1987 a martial law ruling was imposed, and it wasn’t lifted until 2002. That’s 15-years of martial law. During this time officials were allowed to set curfews, issue search, and arrest warrants, as well as other things.

The most recent actions taken against the government were done so on Friday. However, loyal protesters and security forces were able to overthrow the overthrowers.

The president came forward with the death toll that occurred during the military coup. According to his announcement, 24 people involved in the coup were killed, whereas, 246 pro-government personnel were killed.

The Turkish president does not believe that they have come to the end of the insurgency yet, and they are preparing their country for the worst. 


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