Trump: It’s a Foregone Conclusion House Will Impeach Me Over Ukraine

According to President Trump, it is a foregone conclusion that the US House of Representatives, which is Democrat-led, will vote to impeach him over his request to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son. Trump commented this on Monday, November 4th, as Democrats “sought to build public support for their fast-moving impeachment inquiry even as the administration pressed its efforts to stonewall the probe.”

A Senate trial would be the result of the approval of articles of impeachment in the House. This trial is regarding whether to remove Trump from office. The Republican-led senate does not seem to be very inclined toward removing Trump despite the criticism he got from Republican Senator Mitt Romney. Trump affirms that it is a foregone conclusion that the House Democrats will vote to impeach him – otherwise, he would win re-election next year. Trump adds that Democrats were sticking together while Republicans must get tougher and fight the impeachment inquiry.

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A fact sheet and video were released by House Democrats in order to try to make their case for impeachment. They drew information on the public-known Ukraine scandal. According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, the fact sheet and video “encapsulate all the evidence uncovered to date about the president’s months-long pressure campaign to undermine the 2020 election and the extent to which he abused his power by using the levers of government to advance the scheme.” Democrats add that their fact sheet and video showed that Trump “believes he is above the law” and that “House Republicans’ complicity and silence only serves to keep him there.”


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