Thugs Shoot Officer In The Head At The Rio Olympic Games

  • An elite special forces team was shot up while on their way to the Rio international airport, one officer suffered a bullet wound to the head.
  • The officer underwent a four-hour surgery and is now in stable condition.
  • No individuals have been arrested for the incident as of yet, however, it is reported that two suspects were identified.

The report is still unclear but it seems that an elite special forces team was trying to get to the Rio International Airport when their car was sprayed with bullets. 

Apparently, the team was using a GPS device to navigate their way through the complicated streets of Rio when they made a wrong turn. They ended up turning into the slums of Rio, and they paid the price for it.

One of the elite team members in the car was shot in the head, the others suffered minor injuries from the incident. The officer, Helio Vieira, went through a four-hour surgery and was in stable condition.

After the incident, the street exploded into what looked like a scene from the movie SWAT. Heavily armed commandos, snipers, and helicopters crowded the area. The commandos went from door to door in the slums of Rio, frisking every occupant, trying to find where the gunfire came from. Unfortunately, no one was arrested for the incident, however, two suspects were identified. 

This is just one of the many incidents that are surrounding the Olympic games in violence. It’s not that Rio is known for it’s peaceful and tame natives, but you would think the excitement of the Olympic games might “lighten” the mood a bit.

Thankfully, everyone from the incident is safe and no lives were lost. 

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