The Real Reason Charlie Sykes Was Able To “Grill” Trump

After the Charlie Sykes interview with Donald Trump, a lot of media attention has been given to how he “got” Trump. As Charlie Sykes puts it, he just asked Trump some hard questions that he would expect any presidential candidate to be able to answer.

However, an MSNBC reporter has a different take on the interview. He claims that Charlie Sykes never believed he would get an interview with Donald Trump and that he was surprised when Trump agreed to go on his show. Because of that, he did a “one and done” interview where there were no expectations to ever interview Donald Trump again.

According to MSNBC, Charlie Sykes has been in opposition to Donald Trump from the beginning of the race and had every intention of grilling him on his talk show. A luxury that most reporters don’t have. Afterall, we are all very aware of Donald Trump’s tendency to boycott what he sees as unfair media.

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    Just more media s— from a piece of s— radio host.

  2. Lori

    Just another piece of crap radio host/media a-hole full of trash —— Go Donald 2016

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