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American Patriot Association

Our Motto

The American Patriot Association members help each other maximize our lives as Americans. We are focused on our individual rights, safety, security, and success. We do this by joining together and standing strong as one.

About APA

We provide information, instruction, encouragement, and support for the welfare of families living in the United States and in overseas territories.

Our Mission

As you know, we live in uncertain times, and now more than ever, the health, welfare, and safety of the American family is threatened. In fact, there are more threats to Americans than ever before, so we’re working tirelessly to help you protect their safety, security, and success.


When it comes to safety and Americans Rights, APA is the place where risks are limited and lives are maximized. We want to unite individuals on one singular aim: Protecting families at all costs.


Our team of dedicated researchers and experts will provide relevant and practical information that you can employ your strategy.


Over the years, APA helps people better care for and protect their families. For the sake of your loved ones, it’s time you reap that same benefit. Join the American Patriot Association – For the safety, security and success of the family and for the success for all citizens of America.

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