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Police Officers Put Their Trust In Trump

The Trump campaign used the Republican National Convention to voice the “lack of leadership” coming from President Obama. Police Officers are now looking at Trump as the one who has their safety and best interests in mind.  Bob Corker said, “When they hear Trump’s name, they light up because they feel like they finally have […]

Dallas Gunman Was Trained To Kill

Micah Johnson, the Dallas gunman, had trained two years prior to the attack. He took a course at a self-dense school, that taught firearm tactics “under high levels of stress.” His neighbor had also reportedly informed investigators that he was running military drills in his backyard. Five police officers are dead in Dallas because of […]

The World Mourns With Dallas

What happened in Dallas was horrific, and now is the time to stand together. Some of our countries political leaders feel exactly the same and have been standing up and expressing their deep pains over the shooting. Some have come forward with full press releases, while others went to Twitter to express their condolences. Each […]