Saudi Arabia Will Pay For The Lives Of 9/11

Today marks the day that the Senate passed legislation that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi Arabia government. The legislation was approved by a voice vote from The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which was followed by a threat from Riyadh to pull billions of dollars from the U.S. economy if the bill is executed. Even though the House still has yet to act on the legislation, it would give the families of victims the right to sue in U.S. courts for any role that the Saudi government might have had in the attacks in 2001. Thousands of people were killed from New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania, in the 9/11 attacks.

Senators John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) were the ones behind the sponsorship of the bill and Cornyn said that the passing of this bill is sending a message that the United States “will combat terrorism with every tool we have available and that the victims of terrorist attacks in our country should have every means at their disposal to seek justice.” Any foreign government that aids in terrorism against the United States ““will pay a price if it is proven they have done so,” said Schumer.

The families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks have been desperately seeking the release of the U.S. intelligence that allegedly shows the involvement of the Saudi government in the attacks.

This is an extremely sensitive subject, especially for Obama, who’s administration is extremely against the legislation and the release of the information, which puts him against the Senate Democrats who are widely accepting of the bill. Obama’s administration is saying that this legislation opens up the door to overseas legal risks, stating that if we can sue other countries than other countries can sue us. Which to me, is a very interesting concept. I mean in the judicial system we are appointed the right to have a jury of our peers. Well if Saudi Arabia decides to sue the United States, who would our peers be? We can’t have a jury of American’s because of course we are going to say that we are innocent and that Saudi Arabia has no bias to their accusations. To me, it seems like an endless cycle that might end up doing more damage than good. That being said if Saudi Arabia is responsible for the disaster of 9/11 they should pay for what they have done. 

Josh Earnest, a spokesman for the White House, said: “Given the concerns that we’ve expressed, it’s difficult to imagine the president signing this legislation.” Yet Schumer is confident that they have the two-thirds vote that would be necessary to veto the president’s decision. 

It is unsure what the outcome of this bill could be. Some are fearing that it could cause retaliation from Saudi Arabia towards the United States although if the Saudi government did have a hand in 9/11 they would have no reason to retaliate with a lawsuit but their own pride and shame. We have never negotiated with terrorists that is the America motto, and if we find out that the Saudi government had something to do with the worst attack since Pearl Harbor then you can be that we will seek justice.


  1. dennis cronin

    another waste of politicians time just to get their name in the limelight – are we then subject to suits from the Japanese because of the atom bombs?

    1. Howleyesque

      In a DECLARED war, that THEY started with an attack on US AND given what ThEY perpetrated in Nanking… you’re kidding right?

  2. Anne Adamiak

    The Islamic terrorists of 9/11 did not just suddenly appear. They were well funded, had lived in the US and attended aviation school to become pilots. This was a long stand plot and required international conspiracy. Not all Americans are foolish and naïve, some of us think and ask questions. But the conspiracy within our own nation is so overwhelming and includes individuals and corporations from both Republican and Democratic parties. It is collusion at the highest level.

  3. Richard A Raymer

    They need to pay the price for attacking the US

  4. Terrence Martin

    If the bill passes the events that unfold from the passing of said bill will most likely create situations in the US that will end up costing the citizens of the US a considerable amount of money.

  5. Christine

    We have known for years the the Saudi’s finance terrorism but the reason we could n not do anything or freeze their bank accounts is because we were too stupid to become oil independent, they should me made to pay for American lives lost!! this could be a deterent for other countries contemplating doing us harm…

  6. Howleyesque

    While I do understand the reasoning, and at fist glance it DOES seem like a good idea. On the other hand, what were talking about is … part of the agenda of the One Worlders AND given how much of the world hates us for various reasons, to ASSUME that we would get a FAIR hearing is foolish (haven’t we seen ENOUGH of the twisted idiocy involving condemnations of Israel for defending itself against the genocidal crazies that ARE “the Palestinians”?)
    BUT it IS a GREAT idea for us to remember WHICH ONES of our politicians are IN LEAGUE WITH the Saudi’s… like: THE BUSH FAMILY, The LOW LIFE in the White House and SWILLARY!

  7. James

    Although this is a feel good bill.If it is passed it opens the door for the united states to be sued by every country that we are engaged in.Example:We bomb areas in libya and kill civilians.That would allow the libyian government to sue us.Just one of many examples.We did not declare war on libya.How about syria?Etc.etc.etc.

  8. David

    If a country, person or group of people from that country can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, then yes they should be held accountable, sued and/or charged with premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit murder by way of cowardly terroristic acts!

  9. Cliff

    Look for an immediate VETO from Oscumbag.

  10. Name

    Our loved ones would be here now if it were not that disaster!

  11. William Wilson

    If this bill is passed and people start suing over the deaths incurred on 9/11 it will open the door for people all over the world who have lost family members in US attacks to sue our government.. And just the court costs would bankrupt us.

  12. sam mcginnis

    you can’t blame a country if its people go goofy, just like you shouldn’t blame usa for the way black lives matter go rioting and burning buildings down and kill policemen, it is a bunch of goofs doing it, not the government fault

  13. Robert Steers

    Because i think Saudi Arabia had something to do with it. or had info it was going to happen

  14. Mary

    I disagree because of…. THE ENERGY.

    THAT points to the “who dunnit.”

    I lost firefighter family friends, and my firefighter relative is disabled due to 911.
    Friends and family were living and working in New York as I tried to locate them the moment I heard the news on the radio and the second crash was announced, and as I then turned back around in my car with my sister-in-law to retrieve our children from school. At home we watched the towers “fall,” live on TV, becoming dust.

    Yes, those were my words when I watched the first tower “fall” live on TV. It became dust.


    I did not see a tower “fall.” I did not see a tower burn.

    I saw a building become dust.

    Not one, but 2 become dust.

    I am an observer. I observe before becoming emotional. As I payed close attention to the news and filming of the site as the events progressed, I saw too many details being neglected in favor of emotion. There were too many anomalies no one was paying attention to. They were given very little to no worthy attention. Like the footage of a news reporter looking at the sight of a semi-mangled truck – and no heavy debris found near it. Only dust. Too much speculation – not enough attention to facts. Not enough attention to physics.


    THAT points to the “who dunnit.”

    This link will show you step by step what to look at that EVIDENCES an unknown ENERGY being used. AN ENERGY UNLIKE what THE GENERAL PUBLIC are used to or know. DR. Judy Woods (PhD) points to the strange energy.

    Watch the videos in this link, but be sure to READ it all – it is very eye opening.

    ALL DATA here:

    These videos and info IS THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND on 911 and explained everything I was a witness to that left me with many questions and in AWE as to the STRANGE HAPPENINGS– wondering what the truth really was about the NATURE of the Towers destruction.

    I present my disagreement, NOT because of this link, but because of MY observations, which happen to be also Dr. Woods’s.
    (This also explains the “fall” nicely:

    Not many people know that Dr. Woods refuted the official claim and filed a qui tam claim; and her Request for Correction (RFC) as to the Official Investigation is publicly available at the website of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). See:

    What energy would make something burn so hot that MELTS supporting beams STEEL* AND construction BOOT STEEL TIPS and dissolve boots (that firefighters and workers had to keep changing)… and yet NOT BURN THEIR FEET?? WHAT bends and melts STEEL while flesh is but millimeters next to it??

    … or the HOT STEAM of it not prevent the workers from working IN THE STEAM (you know that you will burn your face if you put your head over a pot of boiling water in a few seconds – this heat was supposedly exponentially hotter – but was it? Was it really heat? Or something not known to the public – yet? Workers were able to stand around the gaping steam hole without discomfort. Hmmm…

    You only see a FEW STEEL BEAMS on the ground – so if the 55min fire weakened the steel beams at the top and caused the initial crumble, then WHAT happened to melt – in less than 30seconds ALL the REST of the 200,000 TONS STEEL beams of those TWO humongous tall buildings??? …..where has most DISAPPEARED to? In the video in the link below you will see beams disintegrating in mid air – into dust.

    But…. If it is the case that heat melts steel in 55 minutes, then what of the metal frames of the rest of the building?? Windows the people were hanging out from and touching?

    What energy would lift over a one and half TON car that is BLOCKS away… and GENTLY place it to BALANCE ON a fence and NOT crush the fence or the car??? Not any known blasts!

    What energy causes random fires BLOCKS AWAY FROM THE SCENE…. and randomly makes car handles DISSAPEAR (NOT MELT)… yet paper abounding at the scene is not burning?

    MOST of the TWO buildingS COLLAPSED (supposedly) – NOT BURNED. So how is it that dozens of cars BLOCKS AWAY from the scene were randomly burned, while others next to them were not?

    WHAT energy causes a hurricane to form just miles away from the New York City coast?? …on a bright blue sunny tranquil-winds day???? …. And NOT be reported by the media or the public warned to take cover??

    Our KNOWN physics just don’t happen that way.

    The towers’s destruction was not an outside event.

    Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the coil which is used today, knew of directing energy (though he did not want to use it for destruction).

    The United States owns patents on Directed Energy for the manipulation of weather and ENERGY.

    Here are some patents:

    United States Patent 4,686,605
    Eastlund August 11, 1987

    Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J. (Spring, TX)
    Assignee: APTI, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
    Family ID: 24772054
    Appl. No.: 06/690,333
    Filed: January 10, 1985

    “…It has also been proposed to release large clouds of BARIUM in the magnetosphere so that photoionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interactions…. ”
    “…Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device…”,686,605.PN.&OS=PN/4,686,605&RS=PN/4,686,605

    United States Patent 4,712,155
    Eastlund , et al. December 8, 1987

    Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J. (Spring, TX), Ramo; Simon (Beverly Hills, CA)
    Assignee: APTI, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
    Family ID: 24793332
    Appl. No.: 06/695,517
    Filed: January 28, 1985

    Quotes: “A method and apparatus altering a region of plasma that lies above the earth’s surface at altitudes (e.g. below 50 kilometer)…”
    “….since many benefits (e.g. long distance communications, weather modification, etc.) may arise from being able to alter plasma regions at lower altitudes…”
    “….A location is selected in the State of Alaska [where HAARP is – Anchorage] in an area commonly referred to as the North Slope….”

    WEATHER CONTROL – since the turn of 20th century
    Geoengineering reality

    We must first have the US answer to those anomalies and the lies clearly created to disinform. The Official Investigation is a testament to the out-right lies perpetrated, as its main obvious objective is to deny the obvious.
    We have been force-fed via the media that our enemies caused this destruction.
    I just don’t buy it.
    A narcissist once accidentally revealed to me that deception only holds like glue with only one ingredient: Confusion. Divert the brain’s attention via repetition of confusion. There was plenty on 911 driven by the media.

  15. Alan Breese

    If this is truly tied to collusion with Saudi Arabia, then the Kingdom needs to make amends, or face sanctions as a terrorist nation.

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