Sanders Wrote The Book On The Art Of Failure

Just one day after the AP called Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic nominee, six states held primaries to determine if that would be true or not.

For Bernie Sanders to win his party’s nomination he would need to dominate in California and New Jersey while still doing well in the other four.

Not only did he not have commanding victories in those two states… He didn’t even win them.

Hillary Clinton won California, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota. Whereas, Bernie only won Montana and North Dakota.

A far cry from what he would have needed to stay in the race. Except, despite how obvious it seems that Bernie can’t win, he has vowed to stay in the race. Good news for Republicans.

Bernie Sanders has claimed all along that he can beat Donald Trump in the general election if only he could get the nomination. However, he can’t be Hillary and super delegates are not the reason why. He is losing in total delegates. He is losing in regular delegates. He is losing in states won. He is even losing total votes cast.

The Democratic party has rejected the aging socialist in every countable metric and has elected to stay with the status quo.

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