Sanders Drinks The Koolaid And Votes For Hillary

  • Bernie Sanders is now voting for Hillary, he said it without really saying it, the way that politicians do.
  • He said he is “pretty good at arithmetic” and knows that he isn’t going to win.
  • He is shifting his focus from trying to win to trying to align the Democratic party to voice the problems of the working class.

It became official on Friday, Bernie Sanders, who was recently beaten by Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Primary Election, said that he would vote for his rival. 

Sanders has yet to drop out of the race, although Hillary won the presumptive nominee title, said on Thursday that he probably isn’t going to win. Sanders told MSNBC that electing Donald Trump as president “would be disastrous” for the United States and its interests around the globe.

When asked by the anchor if he would vote for Hillary he, like any other politician, became coy with his answer. 

“…I don’t want to parse words right now,” he said.

He said this his priority is making sure that the Democratic party reflects the focus of his campaign by speaking out for the working class, getting Wall Street out of politics, and raising the minimum wage.

He also added that he is “pretty good at arithmetic,” and his campaign has evolved from wanting to  win to being about voicing the issues. “Why would I want to do that when I want to fight to make sure that we have the best platform that we possibly can, that we win the most delegates that we can?” he said. “What we want to do is reinvigorate the Democratic Party.”


  1. Beau Monet

    Bernie couldn’t stand the thought that Mr. Trump would not be leading the country farther into Socialism…so he votes for Hillary!!

  2. Charles

    Eight years of Socialism/Communism/Muslemization dictatorship with minorities (homosexuals) seem to be dictating the laws and punishing those who desire freedom of speech and religion according to the constitution. Also the government wants to take away our (and military) weapons to make us helpless in face of the enemy, asking the UN to terrorize us.

  3. Anita Daniels

    Just can’t believe he is a sell out to all of his followers and is going where the Wallstreet money is with Hilary

  4. Joan

    I thought their campaign agendas were different!

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