San Francisco is a Garbage City…

San Francisco is the largest American city to let illegal immigrants and other noncitizens vote in local elections – but the controversial program hasn’t exactly boosted turnout yet.

According to The Associated Press, just 35 noncitizens have registered since the restrictions were lifted.

Local officials suggest residents who might otherwise consider registering are worried the Trump administration would learn their identities.

“We’re in an unprecedented arena of animosity toward our immigrant community, and that has really stopped people from voting,” said San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Fewer, a former member of the school board and a supporter of the noncitizen voting measure.

Noncitizen voting remains illegal in state and federal elections – and most cities. But San Francisco allows noncitizens to participate in the school board race.

Voters in 2016 approved the measure allowing parents or guardians of a child in San Francisco schools to vote for school board representatives regardless of immigration status.

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  1. [email protected]

    God help this country if these people are allowed across our border. Don’t know who they are, how to vet them, what diseases they’re bringing with them, etc. If let in, it’ll only be the start. Many more will come right behind them. Needing a job is not a reason to seek asylum regardless of the circumstances. The U.S. is broke. We simply can’t afford to bring in unskilled people. I know this sounds heartless but facts are facts.

  2. Lee Vela

    Total chaos in a mainstream American City! The entire so-called leadership needs to be called into account! Our federal government is at risk with these demon-rat politics. America has to wake up from the opiate of liberal mediocrity.

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