Ron Paul Will Be Voting For None Of The Above

Ron Paul, the longtime champion of Libertarian values, will be voting for none of the above this November.

Ron Paul is a bit of a political enigma, he is a staunch Libertarian who knows he can’t get elected without one of the major parties attached to his name and has drifted back and forth between the Republican and Libertarian party. He has also long been a dark-horse candidate for president and the only true Libertarian to have any sort of chance at the office.

However, when it comes to Libertarians or Republicans running for president, Ron Paul had no kind words.

When the host gives Paul 10 seconds to say if he will be voting for Donald Trump, Paul responds, “I don’t need 10 seconds. NO!”

Ron Paul didn’t feel any better about his “fellow Libertarian” Gary Johnson, “Well if he were a Libertarian, a true Libertarian and promoted the non-aggression principle and didn’t have Weld on the ticket … I’d consider it.”

In fact, the only positive thing he had to say about any candidate was about Jill Stien, saying that he liked her foreign policy the best. However, when asked if he would then be voting for her, Paul laughed it off and said not if you care about economic policy.

It looks like Ron Paul may be sitting this election out.

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