Reagan’s Daughter Will Not Be Voting Trump

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  • The daughter of Ronald Reagan spoke out on Wednesday, on Facebook, to address Donald Trump’s comments about “Second Amendment people.”
  • Her message for Donald Trump was clear, “words matter.”
  • Everyone knows that her father was shot by an attempted assassin, who claimed he did it because he wanted to impress Jodie Foster.
  • A lot of crazy people are out there and all it takes to send them over the edge are words.

If you could put Patti Davis’s (Ronald Reagan’s daughter) message for Trump in two words it would be: “Words matter.”

After Trump’s comments on Tuesday that “Second Amendment people” could find a way to stop Hillary Clinton from rolling back gun rights, Davis had to speak up. Davis said on Facebook that even though Trump’s comments fell into the ears of “sane and decent people,” they were also heard by others.

Clearly, Davis has a different view on the presidency than a majority of others do. Her father was shot by a man who wanted to go down in history. The man who shot Ronald Reagan claimed that he did it because he wanted to impress Jodie Foster, the actress. It apparently, doesn’t take much for some people to take matters into their own hands. That is what Patti Davis is afraid of.

Her comment on Facebook read:

Words do matter. They can change the way people see things, they can change what people believe, they can hurt people’s feelings. Either way, people need to understand that sometimes words are just that…words.

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