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Politically Wrong: The Zuckerberg Zinger (Image: MGN)


Brilliant minds have become some what of the norm for our society. We have 23 year-old boys coming up with multi-billion dollar companies, we have cars that can drive themselves, we have applications to take the perfect selfie, we are a society of genius innovations. Mark Zuckerberg is among that society and has had a great deal in shaping it. Yet not only has he shaped the society that we now find ourselves, he has also been the target of some controversy lately. Apparently, Facebook’s section “Trending Topics” has recently come to the limelight for censoring and blocking certain Conservative stories from surfacing on Facebook. 

Of course, Zuckerberg has denounced that theory, or least said that he was unaware of any such thing happening in his company. Perhaps some “rogue employees” were, in fact, blocking stories or censoring Conservative news stories from being placed in the “Trending Topics” section of Facebook, but that is the only probable answer that Mark can seem to come up with..

So what did we do? We put his genius mind in a plane and flew him down so we could find the real answers behind Mark Zuckerberg’s distaste for conservative news stories.

First off, I have to say that Mark Zuckerberg is very articulate in person, the interview almost felt like I was sitting down and having tea with Benedict Cumberbach… Mark isn’t from England so I’m not sure why I got that vision, but I did. Besides, the prestige of sitting down with the CEO and creator of Facebook, he was also just like a normal guy.

WONG: Mark, I’m sure that your rise to success came as a world-wind. Has being the CEO and creator of Facebook changed your dating life? Or your dating life before you were married?

ZUCKERBERG: ”I dated a model once who was really hot, but my girlfriend is actually smart.”

WONG: I understand that! Nothing wrong with taking advantage of your opportunities! So you have come a long way with Facebook, starting as a chit chat college site, to now an internet sensation. What did you think when the first few people started using the site, and started posting their personal information and daily routines on your site?

ZUCKERBERG: “I don’t know …they ‘trust me’ …dumb idiots.”

It became apparent that Mark Zuckerberg was almost as shocked by he success of Facebook as everyone else in the world. The fact that people all over the world are willing to post their daily lives and/or personal information on a database on the word, was something that he didn’t understand. Yet, he certainly enjoyed the spoils of it.

WONG: You know we are going to ask but what do you have to say about the controversy of the “Trending Topics” scandal that is going around now?

ZUCKERBERG: It doesn’t help. But look, Facebook has not been an uncontroversial company in the past. This is not the first up and down we’ve had.”

WONG: How do you handle all of the publicity? The good and the bad?

ZUCKERBERG: “When people are writing nice stuff about us, it’s important to get in front of the company and say, ‘Don’t believe all this’. When they write negative stuff, it’s important to get in front of the company and say, ‘Don’t believe all this’.”

When I started asking him about the impact that Facebook has had on our society he got very dark and serious.

WONG: What do you think the outcome of Facebook has been on changing our society today?

ZUCKERBERG: “A squirrel dying in your front yard may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.”

WONG: Do you think that the “enemies” that you have made along the way was worth it?

ZUCKERBERG: “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”

The strangest thing about Mark Zuckerberg is that he almost answers every question as if it were a riddle. He seems to answer in short quick responds that may or may not directly answer the asked question. 

He is very mysterious, and in his Croc slippers, dirty zip up hoodie, and jeans make him extremely intimidating. Yet in the end, after he had finished his milk and cookies, he really was a nice guy. 

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Parker Wong (born October 28th, 1983) is an American conservative political commentator. Has been and continues to be a part of many political organizations such as ACLU, Lions Club International, NRA, CSAmerica, as well as many others. Has been known to rally and advocate for and against LLCR, PRA, Grassroots Leadership, as well as many others. His brash tactics and straightforward temperament makes him well known in the political field. He now has turned to the internet to spread his views on politics and the way that America used to be, and should be.


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