PC Has Infiltrated The Court Room

In a world were certain words, phrases, or terms bring even grown men to tears the last thing we need is more political correctness. A new report claims that the words “honey,” and “darling,” are now listed as sexist terms and cannot be used in the courtroom. The next thing you know we aren’t gonna be able to call women ma’am or miss.

Yet, how do we stop it?

I was raised in a house where you called a woman ma’am or miss and a man you called sir, there were no exceptions. That was called being polite, having manners. That’s how the generations have been raised throughout the years. We respect the people around us. However, now using phrases such as “honey,” or “darling,” aren’t okay?

Have we really gotten to a place in society that everyone is so sensitive that what used to be seen as endearing or even respectful is now offensive? When did this happen? What tragic world event turned everyone into a group of sensitive babies?

America was founded on the principle of being strong, hard working, and inventive. Yet, now, what words would describe us?

The thing that people don’t realize is that women were stronger then too. After the Vietnam War, women flourished. They broke down the barriers of inequality and they started to have their own strength. You even saw it in the movies. Strong tough women would fight with men, would compete with men, they weren’t seen as less or inferior. Yet, we were still allowed to treat them with respect. We were still calling them ma’am, we were still holding the doors open for them.

Why did we go backward? 

How do we get back to the strength we had as a nation?

We have become a nation of sensitivity instead of a nati0n of strength. I honestly believe that we will not be able to flourish, to reach our highest potential until we grow some thicker skin.

I’m not sure the exact method to get to that place, but we desperately need to.

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