Be Patriotic and Be Prepared [With Photos]

All patriotic Americans should be contemplating the need for more preparedness in case of weather events similar to the ones in Honduras or Paradise, California. How about when a disaster such as when a tornado left a path of destruction in the heartland of America? A little town of Linwood, Kansas was almost wiped off the map one evening last spring.

Those people lost homes, cars, and did not even know what to do. Neighbor helped neighbor, of course. But it took a long time to sort through the rubble. Important documents were destroyed, and most had to be recreated. These details took months and are still in process for some.

Be Patriotic and Be Prepared [With Photos]

People who prepare for survival all understand the need for something the rest of Americans should have. This item is a Bug out bag or a go bag.  A bug out bag is a bag that you keep essentials inside, and it is located right by your door. This is for the obvious reason so you can grab this on your way out in case of an emergency. Some people keep a bag like this with them at all times and call it an every day carry (EDC). Anytime they leave the house, they bring it.

This bag is not huge. It is usually backpack and should only be big enough to carry what you need.  This grab and go style bag makes financial and prudent sense. Look at the list below and just imagine how much time, money, and frustration this bag would save you.

Go Bag

Bugout Bag

Young Man Carrying A Bug Out Bag.

This should be a drawstring bag or a backpack that everyone in the family knows where it is located. It should be close to the door, but not in plain sight. Maybe under a sweater hanging up.

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But on a hook where everyone knows where it is. The bag should be ready to go if you have to leave or you can grab this bag quickly if you are going to shelter in place. In either situation, you should have this bag with you.  There are many things you may want to have in yours, but the items below are a must.

Basic Contents of The Go Bag

  • Passports
  • Cash
  • Protein Bars
  • Kids Snack Bars
  • Family Records
  • Insurance Policies (copies)
  • Copy of Your Will
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Other Important Contracts or Documents
  • Maps
  • Extra Set of Car Keys
  • Flashlights

No one wants a disaster to happen in any part of the world, but the fact remains, there are times when hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, tornados, and other disasters happen.  Managing preparedness for your family is a way to put your mind at ease. Even having a go bag to take to a shelter is better than not having anything.

This not only makes financial sense, but this is another built in security for you and your family. The key is to not rely on this bag for the extra set of keys or to use that flashlight for anything other than emergencies. You will have to change out the snacks depending on the expiration dates, so you’ll have to eat those from time to time and you may have to update emergency numbers.

US PassportThis is all part of keeping good records and keeping yourself and your family safe. You hope you will never need to flee this great land, but your passport is your key to come home. Always,  keep a copy of your passport or your actual passport where you can retrieve it quickly.

This is proof positive that you are an American and you are who you say you are. Keep it current and keep it safe. America is your home. Keep what you need at all times to prove you live in America, always free and always proud.

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