Obama Runs From His Responsibility To Go On Vacation

Obama Runs From His Responsibility To Go On Vacation, see more at: https://absoluterights.com/obama-runs-responsibility-go-vacation/

Obama Runs From His Responsibility To Go On Vacation (Image: MGN)

  • Obama is running from the national security crisis to visit Yosemite park.
  • He is, of course, visiting Orlando before he goes on his much-deserved vacation.
  • People from the area hope he can find an empty hotel or campsite, I’m sure Obama will pull some strings.

Apparently, being the President is too much work for Obama because he is (again) taking a vacation. It doesn’t seem to matter to him that a massive tragedy just happened in Orlando because Yosemite National Park is waiting for him.

Yet, he isn’t planning on visiting  just one national park, he has a long bucket list of parks that he has to see, while it’s free.

The region around Yosemite is excited with anticipation over Obama’s visit, yet citizens of the area have another view of his visit. A worker at a local store told the Fresno Bee: “He’s just another individual, another person… They’re kinda screwed if they’re trying to get a hotel or campsite this weekend.”

Of course, there has to be some kind of controversy that shadows Obama’s vacations. The National Park Services are investigating claims of sexual harassment within the agency at the moment. 

So, instead of dealing with national security, Obama is going to go on vacation to a place that is under investigation for sexual harassment accusations. That sounds like a responsible thing to do.

If Obama had a title for his time in office it would be Mr. Vacations. It seems like every time there is a tragic event or crisis in the country he gets on his jet and flies off to some magical vacation. Either he has no idea what he is doing, or he is such an emotional little girl that he can’t handle the pressure of tragedy.

Yet, don’t hate his guts completely because he is stopping in Orlando on Thursday to visit before he goes on vacation. That’s sweet of him isn’t it? I mean stopping by for some popcorn shrimp, a quick motivational speech, a wave of the hand and then off to a national park? What a class act guy. 

I mean he only has like 200 days left in office he has to bleed the taxpayers money as much as he can before he is kicked out of the White House. So enjoy the trip, Obama, let’s hope you don’t get lost in the woods.

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