Obama More Concerned With Golf Scores Than National Security

  • Apparently, President Obama has no time to meet with the heads of his staff.
  • The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn, said that Obama has “never met with him once.”
  • Flynn went on to say, “He’s very aloof and very distant…kind of a funny guy when it comes to relationships.”

The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former lieutenant general Michael Flynn, who was appointed by President Obama said he “never met with him once.”

That’s right, the man in charge of keeping this country safe has never even had the opportunity to sit down with our “commander and chief” and brief him on any intelligence issues.

Flynn said, “Here is the crux of my relationship with Obama. Here I am, running one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world. He appoints me twice — one as the assistant director of national intelligence and one as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. I’m also his senior intelligence officer. And I had almost five years in combat. He’s very aloof and very distant. I wasn’t on his screen at all. I wasn’t on his radar which is really sad. It’s amazing.”

He went on to say that President Obama is “kind of a funny guy when it comes to relationships.”

So apparently, it makes you ask the question, just what is President Obama doing in the Oval Office? I mean , it is now clear that he isn’t meeting with the heads of his staff. So what is he doing? The job of the president isn’t to kick up your feet on the desk of the Oval Office and watch the Laker game. There are meetings to be had, and information to be briefed on. Yet, if you, as the President, are not allowing your top guys to meet with you then you’re not executing your role as our leader.

It just boggles the mind. It makes you wonder what all could have been prevented if President Obama would have met with his Directo of the Defence Intelligence Agency?