Obama The Great America Hater Wants Our Troops Dead

  • President Obama will keep 3,000 more troops than originally promised in Afghanistan.
  • A letter was sent to Obama from a handful of commanders and ambassadors, urging him to continue to keep the current troops fighting overseas.
  • Obama claimed that the majority of the focus in Afghanistan is the training of Afghan troops.

Yesterday, President Obama came forward with an announcement that has some people liking him even less than they did before. Roughly 3,000 more troops, than originally stated, will stay in Afghanistan. 

The war in Afghanistan has now been ongoing for over a decade. “The Taliban remains a threat,” Obama said while having a meeting with Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Gen. Joesph Dunford, in the Roosevelt Room.

Obama will be leaving around 8,400 U.S. troops in Afghanistan at the end of his term in January. He had planned to leave around 5,500 troops, dropping the current number of the 9,800 troops by more than 4,000. It is said, however, that Taliban resurgence has forced his exit strategy to change drastically.

“The decision I’m making today ensures that my successor has a solid foundation for progress in Afghanistan, as well as the flexibility to address the threat of terrorism as it evolves,” Obama said. “l firmly believe the decision I’m announcing is the right thing to do.”

Obama  claimed that the remaining focus of U.S. troops would be on the “training and advising” Afghan troops and supporting counterterrorism operations against the little remnants of Al Qaida that remains.

“We are no longer engaged in a major ground war in Afghanistan,” he said. Although, he went on to say that troops that are serving in missions in Afghanistan are still facing real dangers.

In a letter, Gen. John F. Campbell, Gen. David Petraeus, and a handful of other commanders and U.S. ambassadors, wrote to President Obama urging him to keep the current level of troops in Afghanistan throughout the rest of his term.

The letter said, “Unless emergency conditions require consideration of a modest increase, we would strongly favor a freeze at the level of roughly 10,000 U.S. troops through January 30. This approach would allow your successor to assess for herself or himself and make further adjustments accordingly.”


  1. Charles Horn

    His actions have shown he does not care for our country , our people or our laws , his oath ment nothing, he has committed treason and should be in prison.

  2. Gilberto

    This Pretender in The White House has been apologizing to the world for America(NO NEED) since becoming The Pretender in Chief while at the same time trying to destroy our Constitution!

  3. William Miller

    obama despises this country! Why else would he and his paid cronies consistantly continue to break laws, go over congresses head, disregard the constitution, and take the liberties he takes to just go forward with whatever maniacle scam he dreams of? I persofnally do not know why this joker has not been impeached yet!

  4. charlie

    because Obama is a muslim radical and our troups are killing his brotherhood

  5. Cliff

    The more of “us” he murders, the more room there will be for his MUSLIMES, so-called “refugees” and Mexican illegals to move in and take over.

  6. P.A. Garcia

    He sends our troops into harms way, then tells them to stand down in every situation. He does not supply them with what they need. And he treats them without respect. Plus the V.A. situation when they are hurt.

  7. davidgordon

    any time Obama, wants something its all for him, and his cause to destroy usa as we
    know it

  8. patrick driscoll

    He has put them in harms way and never supported them by providing the best military leadership. He has fired the best military leaders. he has not supported them with material and condition of equipment.
    Thinks gays and trans and women can sever in every level of military and that is simple his intense ignorance in these matters, his gay leanings and his wish to weaken our military.
    He is simple a gay devil worshiping muslim who should never be a commander in chief. Unqualified and unmotivated!

  9. James Brantley

    Obama wants our military to be COMPLETELY impotent so he can make it possible for all of his LOW LIFE buddies to actually reach the American shoreline! Needless to say, the subs that protect America will rise up to defeat the arab TRASH! I don’t know how the rest of America, BUT I will be fighting under a black FLAG. this has nothing to do with isis, it mainly means that NO PRISONERS shall not be taken. PERIOD.

  10. Terry G Thompson

    Because he is a Muslim at heart.

  11. Jeffrey Cahoon

    He has consistently has shown his hatred of our country from his first day in office!

  12. Leon G. Smith

    This clown hates the military and veterans. He’s worse than the Clinton’s.

    Nam 1969

  13. JP

    Obama has a deep hetred of the American Military, the Flag and all that the American People hold dear the history of our Great country. He is in violation of his oath of office and should be impeached.

  14. Sharon Rauch

    Rules of engagement not proper.

  15. Kelly

    He pulled troops out too soon. Refuses to send enough to do the job or to protect each other. Sends just a few at a time, waits for them to be murdered and then waits until everything is worse than it was originally before sending a few more to die! He is on an ego trip! No conscience, no concern for our troops!

  16. Sam Williams

    The longer we leave troops in Afghanistan the more jihdists we will create. The more drone strikes we will “justify” the more jihadists we create. The more troops that are there the less patriotic Americans will be on our soil.

  17. [email protected]

    He is and always has been so defensive when it comes to Muslims. Making sure to tell the American people to not do anything to cause hurt feelings toward them. That crap of political correctness is top on the list of most of these attacks. We only have him to lead our country and protect our people. What a leader!!

  18. Pamela Smith

    Because he doesn’t want anyone to stand in his way, while he makes plans for the Muslim Brotherhood to over throw our country, while Obama brings in ISIS, which he has given them $8.5 billion of our tax dollars, including tons of ammo and guns, tanks, etc; Obama is a terrorist, and is NOT an American. He should NEVER have been a President, and has committed multiple acts of treason. He wants Hillary to take over the Presidency, so he can go to the U.N. and become the head of the U.N. there. He has stated, that if Hillary does not win the Presidency, he will call for martial law. Our Military has already stated, that they stand with the American people, if Obama tries to pull any (genocide) on the American people. Obama thinks he’s brought together, the Canadian government, and Mexico in a plan to be as one Nation. Obama lives in a fairytale land in his own mind. Our government still recognizes our Constitution, and Obama cannot do anything on his own, although he continues to try. He will be IMPEACHED!!!

  19. Pamela Smith

    Please take my reply off this server. I thought it just went to you guys personally. Not for the world to see!

  20. Tom

    He is a plant to destroy our people and our country!

  21. Maria

    Obama has always hated the United States and especially the Military. He has shown consistent disrespect to the troops (sloppy salutes) and their families by denying them their basic rights (freedom to worship as they please (except for Muslims),freedom of speech); cutting Military budgets along with cutting benefits, withholding pay raises, VA mess (explanation stands on its own); firing military officers who don’t agree with Obama’s agenda; allowing flagrant behaving LGBT individuals into the Military to further corrode the morals we have hold high for our military personnel. He has ordered that the military overseas in combat areas not carry any guns/ammunition if off-duty and/or walking throughout the enemies’ villages/land. If I had more time, I know I could up with more reasons why Obama hates the Military, the United States, and why he wants more and more soldiers to die! What Obama wants is his own private Evil military to perform his every wish!

  22. Katie Chubasco

    I believe Obama was trained from the get-go to be in a position of authority to ruin the USA by violence and economy.

  23. carolyn sellers

    because he wants to take over america and make a muslim country out of it!!!!!

  24. Michael Scotto

    Our president has tied the hands of our military so they can not do there job and put each and everyone in danger.

  25. Abra Summers

    Obama continually shows disrespect for America, Americans and the Constitution. He shames our country to the world and our Allies with his shabby, casual attitude toward Islamic terrorists. He has snubbed and insulted our good ally, Israel. The depth of his character is expressed in volumes by his dancing the Tango after news of a terrorist attack while visiting a communist country. He abuses his scope of authority by ignoring the Congress and constitutional procedures and issuing executive orders to make law. His administration fails to enforce the current laws of this country. Obama encourages law-breaking and illegal entry of this country. His Amnesty to illegal aliens is encouraging crime and providing reward to act criminally. Obama is destroying the American culture with forced mass immigration of refugees from countries whose belief systems are in Sharia law that oppose and threaten all humanity as well as the Judea Christian foundation that offers freedom of religion in this country. Obama is responsible and instrumental in creating a dissension and division among the races during his term that caused rebellious aggression toward police and law enforcement. He displays an attitude of arrogance that resonates as being disingenuous and unworthy of a President of the united States of America. Obama is the worst President in the history of this country. He is a traitor and his acts are treasonous.

  26. BOB

    WELL since he took office his,change for AMERICA is hell bent on destroying it!! HIS sale of arms to MUSLIM countries, his anti CHRISTIAN belief,HIS statements he is a MUSLIM, HIS MUSLIM BROTHER HOOD IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN ALL GOV DEPTS. BUT as we all know OBAMA WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD AND PAY DEPT TO GOD

  27. BOB

    WELL since he took office his,change for AMERICA is hell bent on destroying it!! HIS sale of arms to MUSLIM countries, his anti CHRISTIAN belief,HIS statements he is a MUSLIM, HIS MUSLIM BROTHER HOOD IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN ALL GOV DEPTS. BUT as we all know OBAMA WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD AND PAY DEPT TO GOD

  28. Randell

    There’s no doult he is already responsible for our troops being in Bengazi, he want’s American citizen’s dead too.

  29. Howard Wolf

    He is allegedly very smart. He is a graduate of both Columbia and Harvard Law. So how could he not realize the vulnerability and danger he has placed our military in?

  30. Thomas

    Obama is beholding to his murdering Muslim brotherhood and he hates our military just as much as the Clinton’s.

  31. Mary

    because obama wants America destroyed

  32. Phyllis Overly

    He’s fired top officials in our Military. He’s depleted our Military, he takes money from our Veterans and gives it to refugees. he is not a Commander-in-Chief, he’s pathetic person.

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