Nike To Roll Out Signature Kaepernick Shoe Soon

Nike is reported to be set to reveal a signature shoe in relation to its endorsement deal with Colin Kaepernick, former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, who has been signed with Nike since at least 2011. In September 2018, Nike renewed Kaepernick’s endorsement contract and “made him the face of one of its marketing campaigns.”

Kaepernick’s endorsement deal includes a Kaepernick-themed “Icon” jersey – released in February and costs $150 at retail price. More than the jersey, the deal also consists of a signature shoe set to be released in December, according to Yahoo Sports.

According to an Instagram account called PY_Rates, known to leak information about shoes to be released, the shoe is “expected to retail at $110.” It is still unclear how many shoes will be released by Nike, however, “Nike reportedly believes that the demand for the item forced the apparel conglomerate to increase production numbers.”


  1. Bob kudla

    Will they include a burning flag logo? Reinforced
    toes for extended kneeling perhaps?!

  2. Spann Don.

    Who does Nike think will buy them other than a few
    that does not hold his protest against him?

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