Lamplighter Report #1: Firearms Accuracy


December 2010 – Firearms Accuracy

Trying to keep your costs under control while shooting? Also trying to work on accuracy, presentation, two handed, right hand, and left hand shooting, reloads, malfunctions, presentation from concealment, follow through, transitions between targets, stance, quickly acquiring my sight picture, quickly re-acquiring my sight picture, short range shooting, long range shooting, one handed reloads, imagining scenarios, duck walking, cornering, low light? Find all these things in this report and more!

In This Issue:

  • Fire Arms Accuracy, Self Defense, Politics & Training
  • Spotting Concealed Weapons and Profiling
  • Worksheet of The Month: Supplements and Consumables Strategic Reserves Worksheet
  • A Call To Arms!
  • Lamplighter Calendar and Resource Center