Morning Joe Revolts On Live TV Against Hillary

I never thought I would see the day that Morning Joe and MSNBC revolted against Hillary Clinton, yet here is a clip of exactly that. Chalk it up to more of the unexpected that 2016 keeps giving us.

Morning Joe, with anger in his voice said, “Hillary Clinton is more in the pocket of Wall Street than anybody else that has run for president in years. So please, anyone looking at Donald Trump and going, ohh he’s so horrible and so corrupt, ohh we need to elect Hillary Clinton cause she’s going to fix the system. No, it’s not going to happen.”

Joe’s co-host, Mika, was so angry at Hillary Clinton attacking Donald Trump on the taxes that she had to fight back tears in her eyes. Her words to Hillary were, “Get off your high horse. Unless laws were broken it’s not an issue, you cancel each other out.”

These were two loyal and steadfast Hillary supporters who have been attacking Donald Trump for over a year now. This shows just how far she has fallen as a candidate.

Even the left most learning new agencies like MSNBC have started to abandon the sinking ship of Hillary. They know that she is done. Donald Trump is now effectively in the driver’s seat.

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