Mike Pence Is The Favorite To Win The White House … In 2020

  • Mike Pence may be putting himself in position to be the next President of the United States.
  • A poll was taken after the Vice President debate that put him ahead for the 2020 election.
  • He is the top choice for 22 percent of Republican voters.
  • When Trump started his run, he was the top choice for 13 percent of voters.

Although Mike Pence may be running for Vice President this election period, his supporters are already anticipating his return in 2020. However, not as a Vice President. He is leading the polls for presidential candidates for the 2020 election if Trump were to lose the election this year.

After the Vice President debate, Pence was the top choice for 22 percent of Republican voters. To put that into perspective when Trump started his run he was the top choice for 13 percent. Ted Cruz was the top choice for 12 percent. Marco Rubio was the top choice for 11 percent and John Kasich came in last as the top choice for 7 percent.

A whopping 32 percent of Trump supporters say that they would rather vote for Pence as President than Trump.

That doesn’t necessarily mean anything at this stage of the Presidential election. That being said, Pence is putting himself in the right place with the voters to come along and sweep away the competition in 2020. He has proven himself to be level headed, and strong and steadfast in his view on politics. He is proving himself to be the kind of leader that Republicans in America not only have been wanting but have been needing.

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