Migrant Caravan Needs To Feel A Wall Of Bullets

President Trump tweeted a stern warning Thursday to the migrant caravan heading toward the United States– telling the thousands of people currently making their way through Mexico to turn around as U.S. troops are set to move to the southern border.

“To those in the Caravan, turnaround, we are not letting people into the United States illegally,” the president tweeted. “Go back to your Country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing!”

Trump’s tweet comes only hours after a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News that hundreds of U.S. troops are set to make their way to the southern border to help Homeland Security and National Guard troops deal with the migrant caravan.

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The official said that roughly 800 active duty soldiers will be sent to the area to offer “logistical support,” including providing tents and vehicles, to the 2,100 National Guard troops on the southern border assisting Homeland Security.

It is unclear which units will be deployed to the border or why they are being deployed – since National Guard troops can perform the same functions – but Defense Secretary Jim Mattis could sign the deployment orders as early as Thursday. Federal law, however, prohibits the use of active duty service members for law enforcement inside the U.S. unless specifically authorized by Congress.


  1. H Grant

    I thought from the beginning that there was a good chance DEMONRATS were behind the bomb scare to try to turn people against Republicans. I put nothing past them these days!!

  2. KDS

    They are not going to be used as law enforcement but to squash an invasion of parasites from another country. Lets call it an insect invasion that needs to be eliminated.

  3. Non-GMO Mays

    While I feel for some of these people, they need to go home to their own countries (Guatemala, Honduras, Syria, Iraq, etc.) and effect change there- overthrow their own government if they must, but address the corruption down there. We have more than enough corruption that we need to deal with here. I am positive that they will be registered as staunch Democrats, and will be driven to the polls to vote this year. What, you say? Non-citizens can’t vote, you say? Horse-hockey. Illegal immigrants vote all the time, and are solidly Democrat, because Democrats give them all sorts of free stuff- free medical, free rent, free food, etc. This is not a humanitarian crisis, for the most part, but a Democrat-backed invasion of our sovereignty. There are American-owned trucks helping transport them to our borders, and should they breach it, claiming asylum, they will be transported all over the USA by the Democrats. Make no mistake, this is an attack on our country, and should be treated as such. Repel these invaders, there is no place for them here (except maybe in the government).

  4. JD

    I think that Colleges that instill communism should be closed down until further notice, making America great again, in the process.. There should now be only one party, that is, on America’s side.. Eliminate ALL commies and keep our America great, AGAIN! Sucka’s!

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