Mid-Terms Showing Ugly Left Bias Of Our News

The most recent example of ABC News’ apparent liberal bias appeared during Sunday’s “Good Morning America” show when co-anchor Dan Harris pondered why Republicans even have a chance in the midterm elections.

During a discussion about Trump’s approval rating with Bill Clinton spokesperson-turned ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, Harris asked ”If President Trump is so unpopular, 40 percent in our new poll, which is historic low in this context, why is this not a blowout?”

Stephanopoulos explained to his colleague that “the economy is doing very, very well” and Republicans “appear to be engaged, ready to vote.” NewsBusters analyst Nicholas Fondacaro wrote that Harris “was perplexed by Trump’s strategy of sticking with the issues important to his base.”

Fondacaro continued: “On top of the network questioning why Republicans still had a fighting chance on Tuesday, national affairs correspondent Tom Llamas took to the set to hype House races Republicans were struggling in… while Llamas called out struggling Republicans by name for those races, he didn’t call out Democrats struggling in their Senate races.”

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  1. Evan

    There is nothing even close on the left that counters the total garbage and lies propagated by FOX. You guys should be ashamed of yourself. You and your followers are Putin puppets. Too late you will realize it. People view you as news but you claim you don’t have to tell the truth because your entertainment.
    The hate you stir is unnecessary and counter productive in a country where we all have to get along. We have to stop the “Enemy” talk. We all really want the same things;
    1)Good and safe schools for our kids.
    2)Good paying jobs
    3)Safe churches and work places.
    4)Reasonable gun control. Crazy’s can’t get AK47
    5)Reasonable health care. Affordable & good (How$)
    Not easy, All politicians talk with no real answers
    6)Strong military, best in world. Always
    7)No Illegal aliens. All get green card or some ID
    Reasonable border control, radar, electronic Surveilance etc.
    No need for stupid wall. Waste of just a sound bite.
    Strong but not mean enforcement of immigration laws.
    DARPA makes common sense besides the US have its word if you register. We have to keep our word. This includes agreements with the world. NAFTA etc change update as needed
    8)live and let live. Allow you to practice your religion but don’t force YOUR belief on me.
    This includes abortion which is a medical decision between a women, her doctor, her religious leaders, and her family and relatives.
    A doctor and a pharmacist must do their job and not push their religious belief on any other person.
    9) LBTQ laws don’t effect you if your not, so let live .
    10) Congress must eat lunch together, They are colleges not the enemy. Once we see each other as a person who has a wife and kids just like us we can agree on reasonable laws. We need to walk a mile in the other persons shoes.
    11) the president (governors also) are the president of the whole country, not just the 1/2 that voted for them. A congressmen can be a crazy who pushes one agenda, tries to get his opinion heard. The president is the cheerleader for the whole country who must work toward unity not division .

    Ok. I went on too long sorry

    Karma has a way of correcting things. Your turn is over soon.

  2. Jeff Pickett

    Hello Evan,

    Great post, I agree with most of what you write. The problem with the left is that words and thoughts sound and look great but when it comes down to action, it never happens. The last 8 years of the Obama Administration nearly crippled the country with regulations and Industry sector “Czars”, who stripped many worthwhile programs and policies of the good stuff actually working, and expanded the budgets and spending into unchartered deficits. The Republican party is not much better these days, but my paycheck and my chances for a secure retirement have been greatly enhanced since Trump’s election. Let’s give Trump a chance, Obama had his.

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