Michael Phelps Is Retiring… Again

  • It’s official, Michael Phelps has announced that he swam his last race.
  • During an interview with Matt Lauer today, Phelps said that he is “done, done, done.”
  • He made the same claim back in 2012, ironically to Matt Lauer, but he claims that he means it this time.
  • At the end of his Olympic career he walks home with 28 medals on his neck, 23 of them are gold.

Today Michael Phelps announced that he swam his last Olympian race. That’s right, the most decorated Olympian athlete of all time is hanging up his goggles forever. Let’s just forget about the fact that Micahel Phelps said the same thing to Matt Lauer four years ago.

Phelps told Matt in an interview today, “Done, done, done — and this time I mean it. I wanted to come back and finish my career how I wanted and this was the cherry on top of the cake.”

As Michael Phelps makes his way home he will have five gold medals, and one silver, around his neck. His swan song at the Rio Olympics has placed Phelps among the God’s, he now carries the title of the “greatest swimmer of all time.” In his entire Olympic career he has earned 28 medals, 23 of them have been gold, and those are only his Olympic medals.

The question remains, can he really stay away from the water? He has retired once before and yet the sweet smell of chlorine called out to him. He couldn’t resist getting in that water and blowing away the competition.

Michael Phelps has been swimming competitively since he was 15-years old. I have no doubt in my mind that Phelps feels like a true “fish out of water,” when he isn’t competing. Let’s see if he can keep his fins on dry land.

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