Meet Gary Johnson, He Could Cost Trump The White House

Gary Johnson is set to be the Libertarian presidential candidate for 2016. Watch the video and see him make his case for why he should be the next President of the United States.

As much as I support the Libertertarian party, this year has so much at stake that a 3rd party is risky for either side. A Libertarian candidate could potentially peel off enough votes from Trump to allow Hillary to win, something that would be disastrous.

However, some polls suggest that he might also peel off a lot of disgruntled and disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters who would rather see anyone over Hillary Clinton.

A poll shows that 51% of voters want a viable 3rd party candidate, so even if you don’t support Gary Johnson you should at least respect the sway on the election he could have. If ever there was a year for a 3rd party to draw even 25% of the vote, this is that year.

There will be a Libertarian Candidate and he will pull some of the Conservative vote. The only real question is if the green party or a like-minded liberal 3rd party will jump in the race to counter-ack Johnson’s effect on the count. Either way, this is just the latest in a very unpredictable election.

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