The Manifestation Of Sharia Law In America

The Manifestation Of Sharia Law In America, see more at:

The Manifestation Of Sharia Law In America (Image: NationalReport)

With the mounting threat of ISIS on the climb in the country, and the Islamic State boasting it’s victories in Paris and Brussels the topic of Sharia Law has been on everyone’s mind. Republican candidate Ted Cruz gave a notion that got everyone thinking, “patrol Muslim neighborhoods.” 

As Frank Gaffney said in his article for Breitbart, Sharia Law has been tolerated and accommodated for in Europe for years, and that accommodation leads to oversight and mistakes. If something is nesting inside your home, inside your country and you continuously look the other way, you can’t be surprised when it turns around and bites you.

I believe the way to go about this situation is realizing that the main focus on everyone’s mind, is making sure that everyone is allowed their safety. I believe that includes the Muslim and Non-Muslim culture. It’s not necessary to blow Cruz’s proposition out of proportion and say that that is violating the rights of the people in Muslim neighborhoods.

There are neighborhoods in every city that are known for their violence or crime, those neighborhoods are regularly patrolled. If you go to California it’s Compton, if you go to Michigan it’s Detroit, if you go to Illinois it’s Chicago. No one in those cities are complaining because of patrols in the area, they are thankful. 

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Posted by Absolute Rights on Wednesday, March 30, 2016


We have established our military and our law enforcement agencies to protect us from the incidents that we cannot. Their main priority by definition is safety. Now, it would be naive to think that every “Muslim” in America is a part of ISIS or is in some way a threat to the country. Just like not every Mexican is an illegal immigrant. Yet the patrols on Muslim neighborhoods are not to keep eyes on or restrict families in those areas, it’s for safety. 

Sharia Law is a real thing, and because of the state of the Islamic State, it is something that we should be keeping an eye on.


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