A Letter To The Kingpin Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary Rodham Clinton,

Please drop out of the presidential race. You are a disgrace to this government. The fact that you can, without hesitation, lie to the American public is disturbing. You are disturbing.

We as Americans are not sure how you convinced the FBI to come forward with that statement, whether it was bribes, blackmail, whatever it was. Hillary, the fact that you are able to get away with the things that you get away with, terrifies us as a country.

The thought of having that power in the White House is not a good thought. The government isn’t meant to have complete power. Politicians are not meant to have complete power. You are molesting the American government system and using it against itself.

We have to give you credit Hillary, you are anything but stupid. You are manipulative, cruel, treacherous, and evil. If the America people voted you into the White House, not only would it be devastating to the country, but it just might be the worst decision of history.

You are not respected, you are not feared, you are hated. The only positive thing that you have possibly done for the American public is united us. You have banned us together against a Hillary Nation. You may have gotten the FBI and the State Department on your side, but you will not get us on your side. You may have your puppet Barack Obama by your side, but you will not get us.

You should be ashamed of the title that you give yourself. It is dishonorable to call yourself a politician. We are tired of your black magic, smoke and mirrors, politics. We are tired of your lies, we are tired of your manipulation.

If you have a patriotic bone in your body, you will relieve yourself from the presidential race. You will allow patriots who have this countries best interests in mind to move forward.