Leland Yee Is Just Another Crooked Democrat

  • Leland Yee, a former California state senator and gun-control advocate, was sentenced to five years in prison.
  • Yee was found guilty of accepting thousands in bribes, racketeering, and helping an undercover FBI agent buying automatic weapons from the Philippines. 
  • Dozens of other members of an organized crime outfit operating out of Chinatown in San Francisco were also arrested. 
  • The judge admonished Yee for his hypocrisy and said, “I don’t feel I should be lenient.” However, the judge gave Yee only five years which is on the lighter side of sentencing.

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge sentenced former California state senator Leland Yee on Wednesday to five years in prison after he acknowledged in a plea deal that he accepted thousands of dollars in bribes and discussed helping an undercover FBI agent buy automatic weapons from the Philippines.

Senior District Court Judge Charles Breyer called the weapons allegations against Yee — a gun control advocate — unfathomable and said it was frightening that Yee would be willing to go entirely against his public position on guns in exchange for money.

“I don’t feel I should be lenient,” Breyer said during the hearing. “The crimes that you committed have resulted in essentially an attack on democratic institutions.”

Still, Breyer’s sentence fell on the low end of guidelines that called for a prison term of between four years nine months and six years.

Prosecutors had recommended an eight-year sentence.

Yee’s attorneys had called for no more than five years three months behind bars, saying Yee had a history of public service and his wife was ill.

Yee, 67, told the judge before sentencing that he had accepted responsibility for his crimes and wanted to take care of his disabled wife.

“Nothing will ever take away those crimes and those actions,” he said. “Nothing that I will ever do will take away the pain that I have caused to my family, friends, constituents, supporters.”

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Yee has been free pending sentencing. Breyer ordered him to surrender in 30 days. Yee and his attorney declined to comment outside the courtroom.

Yee is a long-time politician who also served in the state Assembly and on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

He pleaded guilty in July to one count of conspiracy to engage in racketeering. The charge was filed as part of an organized crime investigation in San Francisco’s Chinatown that led to charges against more than two dozen people.

The probe also snared Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, a flamboyant leader of a Chinese fraternal organization, the Ghee Kung Tong.

Federal agents say one of Chow’s associates was Keith Jackson, a former San Francisco school board president and well-known political consultant who raised money for Yee’s unsuccessful mayoral run in 2011 and his bid for secretary of state.

Prosecutor Susan Badger said during the sentencing hearing that Yee was looking for money to win the race for secretary of state as he was being forced from the state Senate by term limits.

“Senator Yee abused that trust and faith in the worst possible way. It wasn’t actually for personal financial wealth,” she said. “It was to retain power as a public official.”

Jackson led authorities to Yee and pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge. He received a nine-year prison sentence on Wednesday.

Yee acknowledged accepting $11,000 in exchange for setting up a meeting with another state senator, $10,000 for recommending someone for a grant, and $6,800 for providing a certificate on California State Senate letterhead honoring the Ghee Kung Tong.

He also acknowledged that he discussed helping an undercover FBI agent buy automatic weapons from the Philippines that were intended to be brought to the US for distribution.

Prosecutors say Chow and some other members of the fraternal group engaged in drug trafficking, money laundering and the sale of stolen cigarettes and top-shelf liquors.

The case against Chow was largely the work of an undercover FBI agent who posed for years as a foul-mouthed East Coast businessman with Mafia ties.

Former Senator Leland Yee was also accused of wire fraud and firearms trafficking. Check this story here at Los Angeles Times:

By Associated Press via NYPost.com


  1. Gerry

    Nothing is too low for these demoRATS to do !!!!

    1. David Blakeman

      Nothing is too low for any politician to do. This is not the country that I was born into. it is not the country that I swore an oath to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic. Little did I realize that it would be from
      my own Government.

    2. Pat Lyndon

      Unfortunately, it’s not only Democrats. The Republicans do it also. That power trip doesn’t discriminate between political parties. I’m sure you’d even find Libertarians, Green Party, and the Constitutional Party members also looking to grab the power that political office offers. There’s a theory that it is only the “sociopaths” who really want these jobs, so one needs to really look out for all of them. And term limits is a good way to keep them in check. Once in ANY public office, the person should be banned from running again until a decent amount of time has passed — maybe 90 years?!

  2. Edward Goolsby

    What else is new with democrats

  3. James Gregory

    It seems that Political insiders find it impossible to tell the truth.

  4. Evan

    Deport all DEMOCRAPS! They are WORTHLESS!

  5. Babsan

    The Democrats/Communists are disgusting in my eyes from the top down

  6. Fred Mahr

    The stink starts in the Oval Office and spreads from there.

  7. Christy

    Because he does one thing for the public eye and the reverse in secrecy. Hypocrisy in its truest form.


    Because they have NO regard for CREATOR GOD… Was proven at their last convention where they rejected him (3) three times on national TV.

  9. john

    Democrats follow the Alinsky Rules for Radicals. Lie, Lie, use every dirty trick, demonize your opponents and declare the issue is settled, and exclude any other point of view.

  10. Winona

    The last time I saw any half-way honest Democrats was in 1956, and that was only because Adlai Stevenson was leading them! They have devolved into a communistic, evil, anti-American sect that should be outlawed and cleansed from our country!

  11. Douglas Cordier

    Real simple… 99% of politicians on both sides….say what you want to hear but do what they want once in office…. to advance their power and wallets! They have their own agendas!!

    1. tfjnow

      I would bump that to 100%. However, I think you give them too much credit. To have their own agenda’s implies a level of intelligence and insight most do not possess. They are given their agenda’s by the same group that runs the rest of us through deceptions like the Federal Reserve.

      Personally, I think most of them are marionettes with their strings being pulled by the “owners” as George Carlin used to call them. Obama’s problems with speeches without a teleprompter during his campaign is a good example. Paid actors who do the bidding of their masters at the citizens expense- economically and freedom-wise.

      Presidents in particular are programmed to perform and present the approved narrative. They step out of line and its assassination time.

  12. Russell Tanner

    Law makers, judges and lawyers, all officers of the courts, should be held to a higher standard than police officers and fire fighters. They should be prosecuted to make an example to the general public and show the error has a high cost that must be paid by all who are guilty, all treated equal.

  13. SouthernPatriot

    The newly elected Democrat governor of Louisiana threatened state colleges and universities including one of the few self-supporting football teams in the country with closing. Meanwhile, he promoted able-bodied taxpayer paid welfare recipients not to work, and refused to eliminate the huge number of taxpayer paid vehicles for all the state bureaucrats, which includes taxpayer paid insurance, maintenance, and fuel for thousands of state department heads and others.

    Democrats = hyprocrites = liars

  14. Mary Jones

    I see no credit given to those who DO what they promised to do in their campaigns.
    That omission certainly will not encourage others to do the same.

  15. Jon Claybourn

    He is the lowest of the low using his position to deprive the people of their rights and then profiting off of it!

  16. John

    Just one more example of a “politician” taking with a forked tongue . We need statesmen to represent us not professional liars!!!!!!!!

  17. Lee Baldwin

    all CROOKS are the same. Go for gun grabbing, but on the side deal in weapons. double standards as Yee thought himself as greater than any of us. Yee thinks he can do anything while holding down the people that voted him into office. DEPORTATION to a Chinese prison would be better than wasting my tax dollars feeding this pile of scum

  18. Charles Mondelli

    What democrat isn’t a hypocrite. Jonathan Gruber named them and their movement “the stupidity of the American voter”.

  19. Sanford

    We need to rid ourselves of these kind of politicians! Thy destroy our country!

  20. Charles Trent

    Yes another hypocritical control freak politician.

  21. Michael Gregory

    Simple. He was trying top make guns illegal to support his illegal gun business. He knows that as guns become harder to buy criminals wil make more money.

  22. Mac User

    Typical Cali Dem jerk politician. Gotta get outta here but to where?

  23. jack

    he broke a sacred trust ..uphold the laws of the land..and broke federal laws ,,,to many to mention. take his fed pension as well.. he didnt uphold his sworn vows to uphold rules of land and our laws….

  24. Ross Cooper

    You must practice what you preach and did you really have to ask?

  25. Norman L [email protected]

    He has demonstrated he is TWO FACED, dishonest, anti- American. He only cares about his own personal interest not the people he was
    suppose to represent.

  26. Daren D. Theige

    Mr. Yee’s criminal conduct has NOTHING to do with his being a Democrat!! In fact quite the opposite since we ALL know that when it comes to corruption nobody comes close to what the Republicans are doing every Day!!!

  27. Lawrence Young

    Just another dumbocrat who thinks nobody is watching, but boy was he mistaken!

  28. Martha Tucker

    Why i am not surprised. Biden is no better than Obama. They both need to b e thrown out on their kisser. WI never have thught that we wuld be in such a mess and have such sorry people running our country.

  29. Thomas Eccles

    If he was any normal citizen he would get the max for what he has done and that’s exactly what he deserves . He sure did tell lies and to use his wife as an excuse when it was a bold faced lie, no matter he’s just a crook in a nice suit..ie -an American Politician . What has happened to our once great republic , a country for all to want for their homes ? Pray for our once great America , because she is fading fast.

  30. robert hind

    YEE, the anti gun crusader used his government offices and campaigns to gain influence and ill gotten money for himself and criminal enterprisers—all were positions of public trust—by one of the worst criminal group I can remember. Thanks FBI.

  31. dave

    And all blacks are criminals, and Mexicans drug dealers, and well fare recipients lazy………need I go on?????

  32. john Wirts

    Just another self serving . lying, cheating DEAMONCRAT. Will pass any law for enough money, and the ability to exempt himself and his cronies from it!

  33. DUKE

    YES Yee is another crooked democrat. They all are hypocrites, liars, finger-pointing, name-calling gas bag slimeballs that talk all socialist, – – – take the money from the bad people who have worked for and made something, and give it to all the good people illegals, lazy welfare recipients who won’t work and just cry, “More free stuff. More free stuff.” Socialism that destroys The U. S. of A.

    However, for themselves, they work all the backroom, illegal deals they can to get more and more and more money. Hypocritical, lying democrap-socialists. Scum.

  34. Paladin

    Yee’s behaviour is disgusting and treasonous… punishable by summay execution… All you folks out yonder should read about the ‘Committee of Vigilance’ which operated in san fran during the 1850’s.

  35. Allan Fulghum

    About the only mistake our founding fathers made in framing our constitution is that it didn’t give enforcement powers of the Supreme Court over the Executive and Legislative branches of government! There seems to be little that the public can do about rouge members of congress and especially nothing that is done to the president and his cabinet appointees when they break the law. Ethics violations are no longer considered violations! All is fair if it wins elections as dirty Harry Reid so callously pointed out. This country had better rediscover and adhere to it’s ethical and moral roots or we’ll be no better off than any of the other under-developed/third world dictatorships!

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