WATCH: Kanye West Brings Inmates and Guards to Tears During Surprise Gospel Concert at Texas Jail

Rapper, producer, and fashion designer, Kayne West appeared for a surprise performance at the Harris County Jail in Texas last Friday. As reported in The Blaze, Sheriff Gonzalez said “It was a very powerful moment.” Gonzalez added that the show sent inmates praying on their knees.

“This is a mission, not a show,” West said during the show.

The Blaze also reported that both male and female inmates were invited to the performance which included a gospel choir.

The 42 year-old superstar released his new gospel album, ‘Jesus is King,’ this past October. The album featuring “Closed on Sunday” and “Everything We Need” debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart including all 11 songs on the Hot 100.

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