Joe Rogan Blasts Transgender Athletes That Compete Against Women

Joe Rogan, MMA commentator, talked on his podcast against allowing transgender women to compete against natural-born women. Comedian Greg Fitzimmons was with him in the podcast when they started talking about transgender MMA fighters.

On the topic of transgender women competing against natural-born women in a boxing or MMA ring, Rogan said “you’re out of your mind.” Rogan criticized this idea not only in the aspect of fight games, but in every sector of sports. He said “it doesn’t make sense” to allow men who suddenly “decide they are a woman” to enter sports competitions against women. A Breitbart report says he also pointed out that this would be “destroying records in female athletics in nearly every category, and it just isn’t fair.”

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Rogan also mentioned probable physical advantages when a biological man fights a natural-born woman. “I would never advise [a female fighter] to fight someone that used to be a man,” he said. He adds that allowing a “man who claims a woman” to compete against natural-born women is particularly egregious in the fight game.

Rogan told his guest about a transgender MMA fighter, Fallon Fox, who got in the ring and won against a natural-born female opponent. In a 2013 article from Bleacher Report, it was reported that Rogan voiced his “immense disapproval of Fox’s divisional affiliation as a female athlete.”

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