Japan’s Worst Attack Since World War II

  • A knife attack left 19 people dead in Japan.
  • An ex-employee of a disabled facility snuck back into the building and began an hour long stabbing spree.
  • Eventually, he turned himself over to the police.
  • No terrorist organizations have been linked to the attack. 

Around 19 innocent civilians were killed this morning and 26 were injured during a brutal knife attack. The attack took place at a facility for disabled people, located just west of Tokyo.

The attack, however, was not one of international terror. Satoshi Uematsu, a 26-year old ex-employee of the facility was the one that committed the crime. Motoko Rich, the New York Times Tokyo bureau chief, told CNN that Uematsu had been working at the facility since 2012. People were shocked to hear of his involvement in the attack, everyone claimed he was a great guy. Yet, that didn’t stop him from climbing in through a window and murdering people Tuesday morning.

The motive for the attack has not yet been identified. The only piece of information that is known about the suspect is that he had recently given a letter to the Japanese legislature outlining how the euthanization of the disabled is acceptable.

An employee inside the facility was able to flee and get to safety long enough to call the police. After an hour of terror inside the facility, Uematsu turned himself into police a little after 3 am.

A press conference was held by Yoshihide Suga, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, where he claimed that this was not an attack linked to ISIS. This was a singular event by a very disturbed man.

If it’s true that this was not an attack by ISIS, then whatever the motive was behind the attack, it’s fair to say he got his inspiration from the Islamic State.

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