ISIS Hacks At Belgium For A Second Time

  • Belgium was again attacked by the Islamic State, this time targeting their police force.
  • Two female officers have been brutally injured in a machete attack just feet away from the police station in Charleroi.
  • One officer received the brunt of the attack to her face, while the other only suffered minor injuries.
  • So far, it has been reported, that the two officers are “out of danger.”

The Islamic State continues to attack Belgium, this time attacking the heart of their police department.

It was a gruesome day for Belgium on Saturday. Two female officers were brutally injured after an attack by a man shouting “Allahu Akhbar”. His weapon of choice? A machete. The attack occurred just a feet away from the police station in Charleroi.

In their usual way, ISIS began praising the attack on their Twitter account. They claimed that the attack was carried out by one of their Islamic soldiers.

Apparently, one officer got the brunt of the attack. She sustained severe injuries to her face, the other officer only received slight injuries. Another officer who was present was able to shoot and kill the assailant.

The Charleroi police posted on their Twitter that the two officers are “out of danger.” No other remarks on the condition of the police officers were made. It is unknown if the officer who sustained injuries to her face will be able to continue her career as a police officer.

The police continue to remain on high alert after the terrible attack on Brussels, which left 32 people killed in March. Which means that the Islamic State has us right where they want us. In a state of constant fear of being attacked.

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