ISIS Cowards Kill Unarmed Serviceman In Iraq

ISIS Cowards Kill Unarmed Serviceman In Iraq, see more at:

ISIS Cowards Kill Unarmed Serviceman In Iraq (Image: BuisnessInsider)

  • Islamic State is attacking U.S. soldiers in Iraq, one confirmed dead.
  • The soldier, who was unarmed, was advising Peshmerga forces less than 2 miles behind the front lines.
  • Three U.S. troop members have been killed so far in Iraq.
  • There are roughly 5,000 troops on the ground in Iraq.

A U.S. Navy SEAL was shot and killed Tuesday by “direct fire” from Islamic State militants who stormed through defenses set up by Kurdish Peshmerga troops in northern Iraq, the U.S.-led coalition and officials said.

The unnamed service member was advising Peshmerga forces in the region but was less than 2 miles behind the front lines, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said in a statement. A defense official told Fox News the service member was killed by small arms fire, likely from an AK-47 rifle.

“It is a combat death, of course. And a very sad loss,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter told reporters in Stuttgart, Germany, where he was attending a ceremony installing a new commander of U.S. European Command. “It shows you the serious fight that we have to wage in Iraq.”

U.S. officials said the death occurred in the town of Tel Askuf, about 20 miles north of ISIS’ Iraqi hub of Mosul.

A defense official told Fox News the American was killed by “direct fire” after ISIS forces penetrated the Peshmerga’s forward line. Despite a push from the Obama administration to accelerate the fight against ISIS, senior defense officials say they do not believe Mosul will fall this year.

Three U.S. military personnel have been killed in Iraq as part of the ground fight against the ISIS terror group. The last American death happened in March when U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Cardin was killed in a rocket attack on a firebase in northern Iraq.

This past October, Delta Force Master Sgt. Josh Wheeler was killed during a rescue mission that freed as many as 70 ISIS hostages.

The latest death came following the deployment of a 200-person special operations task force to Irbil, southeast of Mosul, which Carter first announced in December. Last week, President Obama approved the deployment of 450 additional U.S. troops to Iraq and Syria.

Vice President Joe Biden visited Baghdad last week to exhort leaders of the government in Iraq to resolve internal political strife and concentrate on the effort to defeat ISIS.

Carter, likewise, visited Baghdad recently. The Obama administration has been pressing the effort against ISIS, which has been slowed down in its quest to overrun Iraq.

There are now roughly 5,000 U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq.

Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

Source: Fox News


  1. Shirley

    I would like to know why he was unarmed? Is this one of the new rules of engagement. Don’t kill them OK if they kill you. Cannot wait for this administration to be gone. Hopefully they will all suffer at some time in their lives as karma gets them.

    1. Neal Watt

      I have seen other reports that he fought bravely. What is the proof that he was unarmed?

  2. D.R.

    Their is no way I can like any of our service men getting killed !!!!

  3. Louis B. Jones Sr.

    Obama put targets on the backs of everyone he sent over there including those in other places in that area. The coward will not face the fact that you destroy an enemy by putting in enough people to overwhelm the enemy not play WITH them.

  4. Bob in Florida

    I know nothing about the circumstances of this incident – however, even if he was off duty and catching some shuteye – which would account for the “not even wearing boots” comment – I would expect that, at the first sound of gunfire, a SEAL would have been up, armed, and ready to go to work!?

    He must have been really caught by surprise? Tragic.

  5. Richard D Philo

    There definitely should be heavy consequences every time an American is killed (military or otherwise). One dead American=100 or more dead enemy or civilian, whatever the case may be. One blown up military installation=10 fewer enemy military installations (mosques). They would get the picture sooner or later.

  6. EE

    When will U all get it! Islam, muslims, hate everyone not muslim and their quran demands they kill, tax, or convert all not in their cult! It is war we are in! They openly declared it and few have listened. isis is the true islamic picture. Muslims in this country need to repudiate islam as a false belief based on fear, perversion, & violence and accept instead the Ten Commandments, Bill of Rights, & Constitution as the way to live or go back to an islamic sand hill where islam has failed to bring anything but hate, slavery, rape, & oppression! “O” is muslim as are his appointees and the senile democratic hierarchy! They know only Trump can kick them out! Watch your back Donald, and go get them, We’ll fight the rinos & dumocracs as much as we can and try to prevent martial law from cancelling the election! And to all those who oppose freedom of speech, be an example and shut up!

  7. Brad Morford

    all terriost are cowards they hide behind children and women and the false god was a pedaphiler

  8. Brad Morford

    all terriost are cowards they hide behind children and women and the false god was a pedaphiler


    WHY WAS HE NOT ARMED ????????

  10. Mark

    The seal should have been armed at all times,even if in the shower or taking a dump.And damn obama,and the pentagons-rules of engagement!

  11. Jack Freese

    Because our President is a Muslim and hates America and Americans.

  12. Patricia Greiger

    Anyone who shoots an unarmed preson is a coward. There is a big difference between dying in combat when you are a armed combatant. But to shoot someone you know is unarmed is beyond cowardly. There should be no mercy shown to those who do this. My older brother was a adviser to the south Vietnamese. We all knew that he was in danger and we knew that they had orders to shoot him if he was going to be captured. Yes it was his decision to make the Army his life but we were also proud. And are still proud of him.

  13. Ron

    Because ISIS can’t win against anyone that will fight back. Why do you think they always cover their faces with dirty rags.

  14. jeanclaude malleein

    he was there as adviser.

  15. Nurse 1935

    As usual Obama is making sure that more Americans are in danger and then murdered before he is evicted! from the White House. Watch out when he leaves if you think the Clinton’s took so much of what DID NOT BELONG TO THEM, watch the Obummer family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He has too many days and too much time to ruin more of our country and kill of more of our good men and women in the services. FOR OUR COUNTRYU

  16. Joe Butler

    They are cowards anyway and prefer to kill and torture women, children, the elderly, unarmed military. They are lowlife scum that should be wiped off the face of the earth.

  17. frank dietl

    No US forces should be used to protect any place especially Iraq.

  18. Camille

    Because Isis does not hold to U.N., rules of engagement. We wouldn’t be back in Iraq if it was done right earlier.

  19. Howleyesque

    That’s what happens when some sorry nutless wonder who’s never spent a day in the military thinks he knows about combat.

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