ISIS Bags Top U.S. Brass In Afghanastan

  • The Islamic State came out and announced that they had assassinated a U.S. military commander in Kabul, however, it has been reported that the claim is false.
  • A military officer was injured in a bombing attack, but no lives were lost in the attack.
  • It has been confirmed, however, that the Taliban have taken over and are now in control of a police headquarters in the area. 

The Islamic States news agency claimed that they had assassinated a U.S. military commander in Kabul. The attack was reportedly executed by an explosive device. Two Afghan soldiers were claimed to have been killed in the attack as well.

However, NATO has denied the claim. The statement by NATO said, “There is no truth to any claims that a U.S. military commander was killed in today’s Kabul explosion, several ANA members were wounded only.”

The reports have been somewhat confusing. There was an attack in Kabul, which was done with some sort of explosive device. The attack took place near the U.S. Embassy and the Afghanistan’s National Court in Masoud Square. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

It was reported that an Army officer was wounded in a bombing attack, the Police Chief  Faredoon Obiadi said.

It has been reported that a “sticky bomb” was used to execute the attack. A sticky bomb is a magnetic bomb that is usually placed on the underside of a vehicle. The bomb was attached to a military vehicle.

It is unknown if the two events are related, but it has been confirmed that the Taliban has overrun and taken control of a police headquarters in the Dahna-e-Ghori district in the northern Baghlan providence. No immediate casualties have been reported on the takeover, yet the Taliban have claimed to have captured many policemen.

Well, we knew the Islamic State were deranged violent murderers but now we can add liars to the list. No U.S. Military Commander was assassinated, ISIS. Nice try.

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