ICE Doesn’t Have Authority It Needs To Keep Us Safe!

U.S. immigration authorities confirmed they had no contact with the Mexican illegal immigrant suspected of killing a California police officer until the man was arrested last week.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) emailed a statement to The San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday saying it had placed its first immigration detainer on suspect Gustavo Perez Arriaga after the Dec. 26 killing.

Perez Arriaga, who was in the country illegally and had previous arrests, was taken into custody Friday on suspicion of killing Newman police Cpl. Ronil Singh, who was a 33-year-old husband and father of a 5-month-old boy.

The arrest of the Mexican national followed a two-day manhunt.

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The officer’s death has rekindled a national debate over California sanctuary policies. President Trump seized on the case in a call for tougher border security.

The disclosure by ICE calls into question contentions that Perez Arriaga had benefited from policies that forbid local police from cooperating with immigration officials.

Sheriff Adam Christianson, who led the investigation, blamed California’s sanctuary law for preventing local authorities from reporting Perez Arriaga to U.S. immigration officials for deportation after two previous drunken driving arrests. The sheriff also said Perez Arriaga had gang affiliations.

A spokesman for Gov. Jerry Brown said Friday that police could have informed federal authorities if the suspect was a known gang member.


  1. James Tyler

    I think President trump should FBI or U S MARSHALS to California and all the other SANTUTARY STATES and ARREST all the GOVERNORS of ALL these STATES for aiding and abetting CRIMINALS!!!! Once they enter this country they are a criminal and a felon automatically. I was DHS/ U S CUSTOMS for ten years in California. Until I got fed up with these liberals laws and it STATUS as a safe haven for these illegals. I RETIRED. Even the federal Officers are told to stand down in situations with illegals once they run or climb over these so call fences/Wall .Please MR. TRUMP take Control, this Immigration and the SANCTUARY STATES are and is totally out of control.

  2. Joe

    There is blood on the pro-criminal Democrats hands!

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