Hollywood’s Morals Stop At Their Wallet

  • Lena Dunham is up in arms over the guns in the new Jason Bourne movie poster.
  • She isn’t the only Hollywood star to talk against guns in the United States, ironically Matt Damon supports gun control.
  • Damon even mentioned, at his Australian premier, that America has not made an Australian style gun ban.

Lena Dunham is no stranger to using the spotlight to pander her own agenda to the mass population. Well, she’s at it again.

Dunham wants the guns removed from Matt Damons new Jason Bourne movie ads.

Apparently, producer Tami Sagher posted a picture of a Jason Bourne ad with the gun removed and said, “Hey New Yorkers, what if we do some peeling and get rid of the guns in the Jason Bourne subway ads. So tired of guns.” To which Dunham reposted the photo and wrote, “Good idea @tulipbone! Let’s go!”

There’s always a good twist to any Hollywood movie, though. Dunham is a little late to the anti-gun party because Matt Damon has recently made his own comments on the gun laws of the United States.

While at the Australian premiere of his movie Jason Bourne, Damon commented how the U.S. has not passed an Australian style gun ban. He did not call for the removal of guns from his movie ads, but he has frequently spoken out on stricter gun control.

Liam Neeson is another Hollywood action star that supports the restriction of gun control. Yet, both Damon and Neeson, for years, have been on movie posters holding guns. It probably goes against their principles to actually admit how much fun it is to shoot guns. Either way, the left will continue to bad mouth guns, while secretly watching movies like Jason Bourne. Why?

Because guns fun, when you use them right, no matter how hard people try to pretend they aren’t.