Hollywood Already Building Trump’s Wall

  • Hollywood Blvd. honored Donald Trump today by building a miniature wall around his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • The artist “Plastic Jesus” claimed it was his intention to focus on “Trump’s ridiculous idea of building a wall.”
  • The artist is known for his Ant-Trump art pieces that he has been known to place on street corners. 

Donald Trump’s wall on the southern border has continuously been a subject of controversy. It’s no real shock that the real-estate mogul would bring some kind of building into the political world. The question is, will he turn the wall into some kind of tourist trap with casinos and more Trump Towers?

Either way, Hollywood is backing the Republican Presidential Nominee’s plans for a wall. Apparently, on Hollywood Blvd., tourists witness the first prototype of Trump’s wall. This wall, however, was around Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. We’re not talking some makeshift practical joke either. The wall, a 6-inch tall miniature, was complete with razor wire, American flags, and “keep out” signs. The post on Twitter below explains it all.

Unfortunately, it only took about ten minutes for the wall to trampled over by giants, something Trump should look into when preparing for the real deal.

The wall was created by an artist that calls himself “Plastic Jesus.” He is known for posting “No Trump Anytime,” posters on street corners. The wall itself was made of concrete. Apparently, Plastic Jesus did an interview with Hollywood’s LAist and said that the miniature wall was, “intended to focus on Trump’s ridiculous idea of building a wall.”

Plastic Jesus did have plans to put up another wall around the real-estate moguls star but said, “Don’t know how long it will last.” He claimed that other “attractions” on Hollywood Blvd. became jealous of the attention that his art piece was receiving and destroyed it. “Yesterday, Edward Scissorhands attacked it because it was getting more attention from tourists than him! I’d like to say he used his razor like fingers to cut it up, but sadly he only kicked it,” he said.

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