Is This The History We Want To Make? Transgender Politician Wins Primary

Vermont Democrats made history Tuesday by nominating Christine Hallquist as the first transgender individual to be a major party candidate for governor.

Meanwhile, preliminary results showed that Gov. Phil Scott survived a challenge animated by his former Republican allies in the gun-rights movement.

The general election matchup pits Hallquist, a former utility executive who has never held statewide elected office, against Scott, a former construction company owner seeking a second term.

“I’m going to tell you why we’re going to win in November,” said Hallquist, holding a clipboard as she addressed a cheering crowd of supporters at the Skinny Pancake restaurant in Burlington. “Because nothing is impossible when you’re on the side of justice.”

Hallquist’s campaign platform is built on her 13 years as the CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative, where she says she proved it’s possible to address climate change without raising costs. She has pitched a plan to connect every Vermont home and business with high-speed internet access by relying on electric utilities to string fiber optic cable.


  1. Lynn

    I would post my real feelings but the modern day Nazis would find my home address and threaten my family and pets to the point where I’d have to take desperate measures to protect my family and my house. It is folly to ask any moderate conservative what he or she thinks online. If you don’t know that, then you are part of the problem. Why don’t you folks who already have the ability to present your ideas take the lead? Don’t make us who have most to lose answer your questions when you already know the answers??

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