Hillary Had Kansas Residents So Mad They Called 911

  • It seems that Kansas takes the Presidential debate to heart.
  • The Lawrence Police Department issued a “reminder” to citizens to refrain from calling the police to vent about the presidential candidates.
  • It wasn’t released how many people called, but we are assuming it was at least a handful.

After last night’s Presidential debate, Kansas police were worried about the citizens of Lawrence, a small city with almost 91,000 inhabitants.

A small reminder was sent out to the people of Lawrence, Kansas, through Twitter, that reminded people to stay calm over the Presidential debate.

My question is how many people actually chose to call the police anyway? Not only that but what do the people think the police can do for them? It makes me wonder what kind of people live in Lawrence.

I mean it makes sense. The Presidential debate is able to rile up the American people easier than the NFL and WWE combined. Not to mention the drinking games that tend to go hand in hand with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

In fact, the police department in Lawrence also released a warning on Twitter against playing such games.

How many times did he say “yuge” during the debate?

The good news is that at least the Lawrence Police Department has the people’s best interest in mind.

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