Hillary Caught Using A Body Double

We are being lied to on an epic scale. She actually used a body double and expected that no one would notice…

On Sunday, Hillary collapsed before she could make it to her van after being forced to leave a 9/11 memorial service for being “overheated.” Only after a video surfaced of her collapsing did her camp change the excuse to pneumonia.

I’ve already gone into the reasons why that is nothing but a blatant lie. What happened after is an entirely different level of strange.

In the above video, you see a very healthy and even younger looking “Hillary Clinton” emerge from her daughter’s apartment acting looking normal as if nothing happened to her at all. Again, not the look of someone with the infectious disease pneumonia.

This quickly led people to call her a fake and a body double. But don’t worry, the left was quick to dismiss that as a joke, so it’s clearly all good.

While the left has defended that, no one has come out and said exactly how her “pneumonia” made her unable to stand and yet hours later has her looking like a totally new person. The simple explanation is that we are being lied to. Her campaign is trying to lie their way past November, win the election, and then they can do as they like with the White House.

The video above ends with them debunking the “conspiracy” as if they found the only woman in the world who could play Hillary from afar. This just adds fuel to the fire, we are being lied to on an epic scale … But people are finally starting to wake up.

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