Her Bloody Reign Begins: All Hail Queen Hillary

  • A CNN/ORC poll was taken and Hillary seems to be in the lead of the Presidential election.
  • In the poll, Hillary has an 82 percent chance of winning the Presidents of the United States.
  • That leaves Trump with only an 18 percent chance.
  • It is assumed that Trump’s downfall came from his verbal attack on the Khan family.

A survey was taken, as they always are, and it was found that Hillary has an 82 percent chance of winning the Presidency. That leaves only 18 percent for the Republican candidate Donald Trump. After the Republican National Convention Trump boasted that he had a one point advantage over Hillary, at the time that was the largest he had ever had.

Yet now, the most recent poll from CNN/ORC said that Clinton leads Trump by 52-43. 

People are now believing that Trump’s recent outcries against the Khan family have damaged his campaign greatly. It’s not a very new thing for Trump to say his mind, even if it’s controversial. Yet, when he went after the family of an American soldier, it seems as if the entire country turned their backs on him.

However, the entire political race has been a constant back and forth between the Democratic and the Republican candidates. Hillary, so far, has been in a constant minor lead over Trump. Yet, with only four months left in the presidential election, Trump needs to get his campaign together if he has any hopes of winning the race.

The positive side of the election is that both candidates seem to be equally disliked. Instead of it being a campaign of policies and ideas, it seems to be a campaign of popularity. The question is now, who do the American people dislike less.

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