Fighting Hate Crimes With Rainbows

  • Police forces in the UK are changing their squad cars to be decorated with the Gay Pride Flag.
  • The Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies announced the new design on YouTube saying that the change will take place on the week of Norwich pride.
  • Everyone so far has been extremely supportive of the change.

Police departments in the UK have just unveiled their newest police cruisers and they are more “colorful” than we could have suspected. No, it’s not just a fashion statement. The police forces in the UK are hoping that having rainbow flag decorated patrol cars will help decrease the hate crime in the area. They are calling it the “Pride Car.”

The car was designed by Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies who announced on YouTube, “Set to take to the road on the week of Norwich Pride, the car, with its rainbow design, is a sign of solidarity and commitment to the region’s LGBT+ community.”

Not only will their cars be decorated to shows unity with the LGBT organization but they will also be flying the Gay Pride Flag. 

Charlie Hall, the Norfolk’s police deputy chief said, “It signifies our continued commitment in supporting our diverse communities. This sends out a clear message that hate crime will not be tolerated in Norfolk and I’d like to encourage any victims of a hate crime to contact the police.”

A Norfolk & Suffolk LGBT Police Networks employee, Benjamin Gotts, said, “It’s a very exciting time for our organisations. Being supported by your employer and being encouraged to step out of the shadows and be yourself is hugely reassuring. We’re all better people, and more productive employees, when we can be true to ourselves. The car has already proved to be a great talking point and we look forward to meeting communities across the region soon.”

With all the bad publicity that police officers are getting in the media recently, it’s good to see a positive move towards unity. The UK is making giant strides for themselves, first leaving the union then, making changes to their police force. It looks like the UK may be stepping up to be a super power in the world. So far, everyone is very supportive of the change.