Pence Makes Huge Statement, Historic Tie-Breaking Vote For DeVos To Be Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos has been a lighting bolt for criticism since her nomination by President Trump for Education Secretary. Her critics say she has no expertise or experience regarding public schools. But DeVos has a clear, effective, and proven plan for the school system in this country, and Vice President Mike Pence stood behind his president’s choice and ensured the right woman took office.

Pence Makes Huge Statement, Historic Tie-Breaking Vote For DeVos To Be Education Secretary

Pence Makes Huge Statement, Historic Tie-Breaking Vote For DeVos To Be Education Secretary

For the first time in our nation’s history, a vice president has cast the deciding vote on a president’s cabinet nomination. Technically, Vice President Pence is also president of the Senate. In the event of a tie, his responsibility is to act as the odd man and break that tie. So while the Republican Party controls both the House and the Senate, the confirmation of DeVos still ended up in a tie as two Republican Senators – Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) – sided with every Democrat and two Independent senators to oppose DeVos.

Fortunately, the current administration is united in its goals to make America great again as Pence stepped in and did what’s in the best interest of the future of our nation. DeVos has long been a champion of education. His vote makes a statement that the administration stands strong behind Trump and his choices, and that the administration believes in Betsy and her platform for sound education reform. More importantly, Democrats are on notice that all the filibustering in the world won’t stop this team from saving this country from the mistakes of the last administration.

DeVos’s platform is so great because of its simplicity – parents have the final say of where their children go to school. And where the children go to school, education dollars follow. Vouchers are simply allotments of taxpayer money. That means that the more students who choose a school means the more vouchers a school receives, which means more money. Any school bringing in more money will come under more regulation and supervision.

The goal here is to improve schools by providing incentive for them to improve. If a school isn’t up to par and parents simply don’t want to send their children there, should that school really receive the same tax dollars as a school working hard to bring in students and parents?

Sure, Betsy was not a teacher. Or a superintendent. But that’s not the role she was nominated for. Her job is to introduce policy and law to ensure that the school system improves. And quite frankly, an outside set of eyes with a simple idea of running education like a business – do a good job and be rewarded – may be exactly what the country needs right now.

Trump has talked about open market economy since announcing his candidacy for president. What better way to instill that knowledge in our children than to implement the concept directly into the school system in which our children are prepared for their futures?

The problem with our current system is that if every school is treated the same regardless of quality or results, then what advantage is there for a school to stand out? It’s the “participation trophy” effect. And as children get older, that effect leads to “safe spaces” and a sense of entitlement. But by installing DeVos’s plan, children learn from a young age the importance of hard work and what it takes to succeed at a premier school.

President Trump should be applauded for being willing to step outside of the norm by nominating DeVos, and Vice President Pence should be commended for backing our commander-in-chief in his mission to make this country great again, starting with our children.

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  1. Eginader

    She has absolutely no knowledge of pulplic education or the great need for it for all children

  2. Alvine Regini

    The teachers union pushes and teaches our children their liberal agenda . We need other choices for our children not the same agenda for all.

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