Democrat Stance: ISIS Not A Threat

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Mum’s The Word When It Comes To Terror (Image: MGN)

  • Two days into the DNC and nobody has as much as mentioned ISIS or the Islamic State.
  • People are dying, priests are being brutally murdered in front of their congregations and the Democratic party hasn’t said anything.
  • In fact, Obama claimed the Western world is the safest it has been because of his policies.
  • John Kerry even came forward and said that “air conditioners are as dangerous as ISIS.”

The National Security Editor for Breitbart News, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, told Fox New’s Sean Hannity that it was disturbing that the Democrats have yet to mention ISIS or the Islamic State two days into their National Convention.

Gorka said, “A pregnant woman murdered yesterday, a priest beheaded in front of the altar at a Catholic mass — this is incredible. They can’t talk about it, because if they do, they’ll admit that they don’t have a plan, and what they’ve been trying has been an absolute failure. In the last two months, outside of Iraq and Syria — so outside of the war zone — there’s been a jihadi attack every 83 hours.”

Not only did Gorka question the complete lack of acknowledgement by the Democratic party, but also the blatantly false claims that Obama made about the safety of the country. Obama claimed that the Western world is the safest that it has ever been because of the policies that he has put into place. That is false. Then to put the cherry on the sundae of delusion John Kerry came forward and said, “air conditioners are as dangerous as ISIS.”

“Let’s forget, if we can, for a moment, forget about the horror of a priest killed in front of nuns, in front of parishioners. Let’s look at here — forget about France, forget about Paris, about Brussels, Istanbul. We have killed, or arrested, 107 people linked to ISIS in America since the caliphate was declared two years ago. So in 24 months, we’ve arrested 107. That is three times as many ISIS suspects we are intercepting than we are arresting al-Qaeda suspects,” Gorka said. “The situation is rapidly deteriorating. But the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, don’t look for any problems, everything’s fine here.”

Attention Democratic party, your lies aren’t fooling anyone.

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