Star Wars Daisy Ridley: ‘Every Sane Person’ Has an ‘Issue with Trump’

In a recent interview, “Star Wars” actress Daisy Ridley said that “every sane person” has an issue with President Trump. Ridley spoke with The Guardian and aimed at both President Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

She was asked if she finds it difficult to voice out about politics since the Star Wars franchise is owned by Disney, in which Ridley said, “No. I don’t feel I have to edit what I say — the things that make me angry are the things that make everyone angry.” “Everyone is annoyed with BoJo,” she said, referencing Johnson.

“Everyone has an issue with Trump — every sane person anyway. It’s not that I don’t talk about this stuff, but other people are so much more articulate than me and say it better,” she added.

Ridley also spoke about inequality in Hollywood “and how her participation in the lucrative franchise has afforded her the possibility to turn down other roles for various reasons, including equal pay and sexism,” reported Washington Examiner.

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  1. James Irby

    While it may be close to being true that ”every sane person has an issue with” OUR PRESIDENT, WHEN HAS THIS NOT BEEN TRUE? I, too, have issues with my President, but they are FAR OUT-DISTANCED by my issues with the other choice I had in the election. And, for the record, he has done much better than any other President in my lifetime at doing what he said he was going to do!

  2. Larry

    Nice that the series is ending and she can shoot her ugly mouth off. I don’t care what actors say. They are paid to pretend……well pretend your option matters!!!!!!
    President Trump best President in my 62 years on this planet…….can’t wait till his daughter becomes first woman President lol you heard that right

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