Private Border Wall Still Being Constructed Despite Court Order

A private section of border wall in Mission, Texas is continued to be constructed even with a state judge’s decision to temporarily block the work. The private section of border wall is expected to be 3.5 miles long and is funded by We Build the Wall – “a nonprofit organization founded by U.S. Air Force Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Brian Kolfage that has raised more than $25 million since its start in December 2018,” reported Fox Business.

Judge Keno Vasquez says the construction will cause “imminent and irreparable damage” to the 100-acre National Butterfly Center. Vasquez wrote that the conduct has “demonstrated irreparable harm to [the Butterfly Center] since defendants have committed willfully, maliciously and with an actual and subjective intent to commit great harm to plaintiff.”

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Kolfage, on the other hand, said they won’t stop fighting to stop women and children from being enslaved by cartels. He added that it looked like Vasquez’s ruling was “written by a first-year law student.” In a Twitter post by Kolfage, a man confirms that the workers plan to complete the wall by January 15th.

Jeffrey Glassberg, president of the North American Butterfly Association, accused We Build the Wall of disregarding Vasquez’s ruling. He added that they appear to be so lawless “that it doesn’t have an effect on them.”


  1. Jeff Brodhead

    There’s one “judge, who should be defunded and kicked over the border, to experience the HELL the Leftists have allowed to fester and migrate into America!


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