The Common Law Of Islamic Terror

The fight on radical Islam has continued to be an ongoing thing. Since Al Qaeda has been a problem, back in the early 2000’s, we have been fighting with the ideology of radical Islam.

The thing that makes the fight so hard is they are fighting for a belief and we are fighting for survival. That is what makes this fight seem to be unwinnable. The last time we saw opponents like this was during the Vietnam War. They had no objects on doing whatever they had to to win. They used children as shields, as suicide bombers, as soldiers. They tested our morality just by giving us opponents that we ethically did not want to fight. The Islamic State is doing exactly the same thing.

They are targeting our children, our teens, and radicalizing them to fight against their own country. They are hitting us with mass shootings that ripe the foundation of our country into pieces, and they are doing it because they know it against our morality.

How do you stop an opponent who has no ethical stops, no moral compass to impose a decision. I personally, don’t have the answer. We couldn’t really figure out a way to do it during Vietnam, and we are struggling to find a way to do it now.

The problem is, with the way technology has grown, not only are they using rudimentary methods of attack, but they are recruiting our own citizens through social media. They are using the technology of the new generation against the new generation, and it is working.

It’s hard to say what will be the deciding factor that will end up defeating the Islamic State. It could just be our pure will power. It could be our strength and our heart. It could be a pride in our country. Whatever it is we cannot stop fighting.

We cannot blind our eyes to gun control, and allow these terrorist to get us so worked up that we lose all sense of security and open the doors to our country. We must stand and fight, we may lose a few battles but eventually, we will win the war.

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