We Need A Comeback: Churches and Family Values in America

Churches in early America were so critical for taking care of the sick and the poor. Now, churches have a tarnished reputation it seems. A lot of millennials kneejerk at the thought of “religion” or “going to church on Sunday”. Spending an hour once a week is not the only function of the church.

Churches and Family Values in America

Soup kitchens, food drives, and shelter are all things better left to individual local townships. The church in this regard should be the staple of the local community. Church and religion preach morale principles. A perfect place to demonstrate kindness for fellow man.

The liberal agenda – attempting to remove “God” from several documents (including the Pledge of Allegiance), limit religion in school, dismiss religion as “liars”, etc have ultimately come back to hurt the sustainability of the citizenry via the Demonization of religion.

Regardless of your faith (including atheism), we should stand in solace support for local churches playing a bigger role in assisting mankind.

We Need A Comeback: Churches and Family Values in America

Over 1 trillion dollars.

That is the amount of money that the government spent in FY 2016 on Medicaid and Welfare programs. That doesn’t even count the 1.5 trillion dollars that went towards Social Security and Medicare. We have a very serious problem and it needs addressed now.

Lack Of Responsibility

I understand that individuals may go through tough times, myself and yourself included. But the first step towards recovery should not be going to the government with an extended hand. Our current culture has enveloped the citizenry in a bubble of sorts. A bubble where we are told that the government is here to help us. It is here to save us.

The government is not a separate entity! It cannot create wealth or revenue that does not come from “We the People”. So in reality, we have hard working Americans taking care of other citizens. Perhaps even when they struggle with their own situations!

We need to reverse this culture and reverse it now.

Family Ties

When a family member is down for the count, the relatives should step in.

This is how this country used to function. If a brother, mother, child, cousin was ill, poor, without a job, etc the family would act as a unit. It would help and take care of one another. This concept is entirely foreign today. I bet even a few readers shook their heads in confusion.

But it is a serious question to ponder. Why should I help take care of your family? Maybe some of the decisions that led to the current situation were “stupid”?

It is not a matter of morality or compassion. I wish no ill on my fellow man. However, I should not be forced to have money “taxed” only to go into another man’s pocket. Let’s also remember that the number of cases where an individual is truly incapacitated and unable to work are limited.

I advocate the family unit make a triumphant return!

Conclusion – States Must Act

I will beat this horse until it happens. There must be a Convention of States. It is the only option to take Washington DC by storm and bring some common fiscal sense to these nimrod politicians. We continue to spend ourselves into oblivion to what end?

By introducing a balanced budget amendment and ratifying it, Congress will be forced to cut entitlements. It is the largest piece of the budget and shouldn’t be.

For those out of work or are going through hard times: accept responsibility and find a solution. I implore you to reject excessive entitlements. I know you currently may get more money by NOT taking that part-time job and I feel for you. It is a counter-intuitive decision, but I insist on getting to work and sharpening your skills so that you may take that next leap in your career/job. Government is incapable of providing for you in perpetuity.

Will you help your family and support your local church?

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